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Undergraduate Programs

With its small size and capacity for individual attention to students, Oakland City University is an attractive place for students from all backgrounds. Below you will find the steps for completing your application process. Contact the admissions office with any additional inquiries.

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What awaits you at OCU?

Program Requirements

The discipline major requirements for the programs of study are listed under the respective School in which the programs are offered. A recommended course sequence is distributed to each freshman during orientation advisement.

The University requires a Foundational Core curriculum for all students in degree programs. The required courses are selected from the following subject areas:

  • Communication (Written and Oral)
  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making Skills
  • Cultural Knowledge with a Global Outlook (Global History and Societies, and Cultural Arts)
  • Analytical Knowledge
  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Physical Well-Being
  • Christian Influenced Values

General Baptist students receiving a General Baptist scholarship also take a Foundational Core course in General Baptist Life (lay student) or General Baptist Heritage (ordained student).