Executive Leadership

Growing together at OCU



Dr. Ron Dempsey
Year Joined OCU: 2019


Vice President for Administration

Rev. Clint Woolsey
Year Joined OCU: 2008

Todd Mosby

Associate Vice President for
Development | Marketing | Communications

Mr. Todd Mosby
Year Joined OCU: 2022



Dr. Cathy Robb


Associate Vice President for Student Life

Mr. Bradley Knotts
Year Joined OCU: 2015

Letter from the President

Welcome to Oakland City University. OCU is a faith-based university which offers high quality, career-focused degree programs in a Christ-centered, campus secure environment. We are committed to the wholistic growth of our students through their intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual development. We focus on the whole person.

Founded by the General Association of General Baptists in 1885, we are a Christ-centered university where our values and relationships reflect the gospel message of Jesus Christ. The University is committed to the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence but equally committed to providing students with a conducive environment for personal spiritual growth. Our Christ-centered values and relationships create a supportive environment which encourages students to live a life of Christian service in their chosen careers.

Oakland City University strives for academic excellence and offers high-quality, career-focused degree programs. Our talented faculty equip our students with the knowledge and expertise they need to lead healthy, productive lives and successful, fulfilling careers. We believe in a synchronization between academic knowledge, experiential learning, and career development. We believe in coupling our academic curriculum with deliberately designed co-curricular activities which reinforce the essential tenets of a university education: written/oral communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, purposeful citizenship. These “essential” skills are necessary not only to be competitive in the world of work but to change the world through service.

We offer all this in a safe and secure environment where the well being of our students is a paramount priority. Our small campus population coupled with our committed faculty and staff allow Oakland City University to concern ourselves with the well-being of our students. We refer to this environment as HomeOCU where we look out for each other and fulfill Jesus’ commandment to “love our neighbor as ourselves.”

Oakland City University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. With over 21 undergraduate majors, we have a personalized program for you. We offer graduate programs as well, including a Master of Art in Teaching, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Divinity, a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and a Doctor of Educational Leadership. These degrees prepare the student in a specialized field, and our graduates are recognized as major contributors to the body of knowledge in their areas of expertise.

Oakland City University may not be the place for everyone, but we are the place for you. I invite you to visit OCU and see our commitments in action. Our motto, “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve,” truly represents the educational approach of our institution.

If there is any additional information you need or if you would like to speak with a campus representative about how Oakland City University can be a part of your future, please contact us at (800) 737-5125.

president signature

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of Oakland City University currently includes the following members:

  • Mr. Jerry Aigner
  • Dr. Ron Black
  • Mr. Bill Blackburn
  • Dr. Edna Brumfield
  • Mr. W. Harold Calloway
  • Mr. Jonas Cueche
  • Mr. Larry R. Davis
  • Mr. Wally Duncan
  • Ms. Cindy Jackson
  • Mrs. Eddi Marie Julian
  • Mr. Mathew Konkler
  • Mr. Gerald McCormick
  • Mr. Phillip Reinbrecht
  • Rev. James Sanders
  • Mr. Andrew (Drew) Shockley


Honorary Trustees

  • Dr. Curtis Yarbrough – Chairman Emeritus (May 2016)
  • Dr. W.F. (Buck) Provance (May 2011)
  • Dr. H. Dean Jaggers (May 2020)
  • Mr. Frank Schultheis (May 2022)
  • Rev. William (Bill) McMillen (May 2024)


*To contact the Board of Trustees, please send a letter to:

Oakland City University Board of Trustees
c/o Oakland City University
138 N. Lucretia St.|
Oakland City, IN 47660