OCU Student Life:
Make Yourself At Home

Vibrant student life among new friends and family.

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Campus Life

Whether you’re hanging out with friends at The Underground, playing basketball at the Tichenor Center, going to Mighty Oaks athletic events, attending huge concerts like Soul Fest, watching outdoor movies on the grassy knoll, or getting active in student government, OCU’s beautiful campus is always bustling with activity!

Success Communities

The transition from high school to college can be tough, but your Success Community will be there to help you through. You and your small group of 15-20 fellow freshmen will meet regularly with a staff mentor who will help you discover your unique gifts, connect you with fun and fulfilling service opportunities, and answer any questions you have as you make new friends.

Student Services

To further ensure your success as a Mighty Oak, OCU also provides a number of support services.

Disability Assistance

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act/Section 504, we make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.

Career Services

OCU’s Center for Calling and Career provides intensive Career Pathways counseling, coaching and career development opportunities to help you answer your call to service.

Counseling Services

Our trained and experienced therapists, holding Master of Social Work degrees, provide mental health counseling to help you through difficult times.

Local Recreation

When we say Oakland City University is a “home away from home,” we’re talking about a Christian environment that not only feels welcoming and safe, but also full of activity and life. With Evansville nearby, (where E is for everyone) and cities like Indianapolis, St. Louis, Nashville, Louisville and Cincinnati just a short drive away, OCU is in the middle of everywhere!

Spiritual Life

From praise and worship arts opportunities, chapel services and Bible studies on campus to local church life and our annual mission trip to Honduras, there are many ways to deepen your relationship with God and serve in ministry roles as a student at OCU.