Student Organizations and Clubs

Student Organizations and Clubs

OCU Provides Many Ways to Get Involved

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Fishing Club – Quade Claridge – President

The Bass Fishing Club @ OCU is a 100% student run organization. Aside from bi-weekly club meetings, we hold club tournaments several times per year. We strive to uphold the highest level of sportsmanship and compete to the best of our abilities as we represent both our sponsors and OCU.

Gardening Club – Karleigh Payne – President

The OCU Garden Club’s mission is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening; to aid in the protection of native trees, plants, and birds; and to encourage civic planting and beautification.

Photography Club – Emily Schnarr – President

OCU’s Photography Club is open to students within and outside of the photography program. All skills and expertise are welcome to join. The club provides members the opportunity to be involved with different communities inside OCU as well as some outside opportunities.

Black Student Union – Racheal Asante – President

The goal of the Black Student Union is to improve the quality of life for Black students on the OCU campus by representing their interest before the greater OCU community. Raising awareness of these interests through educational and social programs as well as connecting students with other organizations that serve these interests are other functions of the organization as well.

Theatre & Arts Club – Elizabeth Felipe – President

The OCU Theatre & Arts Society, takes pride in offering opportunities for all students to expand their skills, talents, and love of the performing arts! Dedicated to every aspect of theatre including acting, dancing, singing, designing, and directing, the OCU Theatre and Arts Club is a wonderful group of students that share passion for theatre and the desire to engage audiences. The club sponsors its own student-run productions, as well as special events. All club activities are open to all students regardless of major or prior experience.

Investment Club –

The Investment Club is a club intended to help students learn about what it means to invest responsibly, while still maintaining profit. The OCU Investment Club’s mission is to learn about what it means to invest in companies with their societal impacts in mind, along with how to do it while still maintaining equal if not better profits than regular investments.

Business Club – Gillian Blessinger – President

OCU’s Business Club is a student led organization that provides numerous opportunities for you to get involved outside of the classroom, gain work-related experience in your field of interest, and network with peers and potential employers.

Da Capo – Rachel Acker- President

OCU’s music club strives to enrich the collegiate experience of its members by offering opportunities for participation in activities and events relating to music.

Education Club – Dayne Morris – President

OCU’s Education Club provides an opportunity for future teachers to share camaraderie, take interesting educational trips, and facilitate communication and support among students interested in the teaching profession. The Club provides opportunities to participate in educational and volunteer work within the surrounding community, as well as interact with professionals in the field.

International Club – Amber Latham – President

Joining the OCU’s International Club is an exceptional way to get to know students from all over the world. International Club promotes international awareness with a view to multiculturalism. It is open to everyone and is designed to appeal to all students.

SGA – Matthew Hoffer – President

The goal of OCU’s Student Government Association is to listen to the student body, to create and maintain relations between the student body and the greater community, and to advocate for student needs. The SGA acts as a liaison for students and organizations to the university administration, the board of trustees, and allocates money to organizations and students for activities.

Biology Club –

The OCU Biology Club is comprised mainly of Biology students of varying grade levels. Membership in the club is open to any OCU student. The purpose of the Biology Club is to provide a community for students interested in the biological sciences to gather and exchange ideas and to learn more about our field of interest and to socialize with others who share our interests.

Criminal Justice Student Association – Laci Smith – President

The purpose of the Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) is to promote the acquisition of knowledge and general understanding of the criminal justice field; to provide students with specific information concerning the numerous and varied fields within the criminal justice system; to provide connections of communication between the Oakland City University community and the Criminal Justice community of the tri-state region; and to provide members with skills, training, and advice that will help them in their post-Oakland City University careers or graduate school.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Noah Peak – President

OCU’s FCA purpose is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost and to grow a follower of Jesus Christ. The “win” of FCA is to see campuses impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.

Psychology Club – Cassidy Brothers – President

OCU’s Psychology Club provides support and guidance to students interested in psychology through sponsorship of events featuring careers in psychology, how to maintain balanced mental health, and other topics.

The Well – Nyles Head – President

The Purpose of OCU’s The Well is to share the message of Jesus with the student body. Our club exists to glorify God through serving the OCU community by cultivating unity and engaging with students and staff.