Education Specialist

Education Specialist (Certificate)

Superintendency and Curriculum/Instruction (Certification of Advanced Studies) (EdS)

The Educational Specialist (Ed. S.) is a specialized professional degree that requires students to engage in a rigorous process of research, inquiry, application, and site-based practice. The degree also requires the successful completion of leadership coursework, an extensive internship, involving an action research project, a cultural diversity project, and a portfolio.

The Education Specialist (Ed. S.) is a minimum of thirty-six (36) credit hours, excluding a required thirty (30) credit hour master’s degree. The program is designed to be completed over four (4) terms if all coursework is successfully finished. Courses during the fall and spring terms are held online using Moodle. During the summer, courses are completed within two (2) weeks.


Core Courses

  • Leadership
  • Facility Planning & Usage
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Counselor-Based School Leadership

Superintendency Concentration

  • Financial Strategies
  • Facility Planning & Usage
  • Instructional Leadership
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Counselor-Based School Leadership

Curriculum & Instruction Concentration

  • Curriculum Theory
  • Critical Issues in C & I
  • C & I Leadership
  • Leaders Role in Organizational Dynamics

Admissions Requirements

The admission process for the Education Specialist degree is designed to admit the highest quality professional educators and business leaders who desire to contribute to their respective fields of work. Applicants to the Education Specialist program must submit a comprehensive admission portfolio, including both qualitative and quantitative measures, which is used to assess personal characteristics, academic skills, communication skills, and leadership ability. Acceptance into the program is by cohort with one cohort group admitted each year.

The comprehensive admission portfolio must contain the following items:

  1. Completed Graduate Application Form
  2. Documentation and description of a record of a minimum of two (2) years of successful administrative experience in education, or management.
  3. A letter of reference from a supervisor or other person familiar with the applicant’s academic ability and professional performance (specific examples of leadership ability and problem- solving skills should be cited).
  4. An essay that reconciles personal goals with the objectives of the Ed. S. program as reflected in the OCU Mission Statement and School of Education Conceptual Framework.
  5. A complete resume that includes work experience, educational background, professional experience, professional activities, honors received, professional publications or presentations, community service, and other relevant information relating to the applicant’s leadership background.
  6. Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions of study.

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