“Freshman Freedom”

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By Kathy Kerr

As we start to sense the first signs of autumn, crunchy leaves, cool weather, and colorful surroundings, we are reminded of the changes that have happened in our own lives. Do you remember your first day of Kindergarten, the fear and anticipation as you left your mother’s nest? How about when you became a freshman and were at the bottom of the high school hierarchy? Then there was graduation day when we all turned our tassels and went
our own separate ways into the “real world.” Next, we found ourselves on the doorsteps to our own dorms where we hugged our families and promised to stay in touch. We kept our somber faces on just long enough for our parents’ cars to get out of sight and then leapt for joy at the prospect of being our own boss. It is no wonder “freshman” sounds so much like “freedom!” However, we soon learned the simple truths of college life, you are not
the boss, you cannot blow off sociology tests, and Mom’s brussel sprout/ asparagus/ pickled pigs feet casserole is much better than anything you will ever eat on campus (at least you knew what was in it).

Each of us have hopefully decided on a career path that we are very interested in, and therefore, we should enjoy every class and never have any trouble with the work, right? Wrong! There are always the typical required courses, and even things that interest us can be difficult. One of the most important ways to survive your freshman year is to go to class. But it does not stop there; college is your preparation for life. You need to do your very best; this means studying, turning homework in on time, and staying healthy. But do not let this keep you from having any fun; get involved with campus activities, make friends, have a good time. However, make sure you prioritize and find a balance of your academic and social life.

College can become very overwhelming at times. When your first instructor handed out the syllabus did your heart skip a beat? How on earth will you ever get all that done? Then did you compile every syllabus from every class and compare them? (Warning: If you suffer from weak stomach syndrome, never do this!) After the initial shock wears off, you will soon realize that you have plenty of time to get all these things done, and the instructor
will prepare you for that twelve page paper and not leave you out in the cold, hopefully. Just make sure you do not procrastinate and get started as soon as something is assigned.

It is very important to get to know people; classmates, your roommate, professors, and your adviser. Try not to get too beleaguered (I just think that is a really cool word that means stressed), and make some time for yourself. After all, college is about preparing for the future, learning things you did not know before, and having fun while you can. So get out there, grab the bull by the horns, enjoy college life, and do not give
those tests and research papers a chance to come back to haunt you.

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Campus Dates to Remember

Oct 31 Trick the Halls 6-9 pm
Nov 4 126th Founder’s Day 10:15am
Nov 4 Founder’s Day Concert 7 pm
Nov 11 December Graduation Applications Due
Nov 18 - Nov 27 Thanksgiving Recess
Dec 6 December Graduation Reception 4-5:30 pm
Dec 8 Choir Christmas Concert
Dec 8 Christmas Memories Gallery Exhibit Opens
Dec 16 Semester ends
Dec 17 - Jan 9 Christmas Break
Jan 10 Spring 2012 Semester Begins