Solar Eclipse

April 8th, 2024

Join Us at Oakland City University

Information About the Eclipse

Looking directly at the sun during a solar eclipse is unsafe and can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Even a brief look at the sun can damage your retina and potentially even cause blindness; a condition called solar retinopathy. Only during Totality can you look at the sun without eye protection.


  • Use only specially designed and certified solar eclipse glasses. They are made to block out 100% of infrared and ultraviolet light.
  • Use only special-purpose eclipse filters for your binoculars, telescopes, cameras and phone lenses.


  • Do not use ordinary or polarized sunglasses. They are not strong enough to protect your eyes.
  • Do not remove your lens filter or your eclipse glasses while looking at the sun.

Parking Rental

Parking spaces are available on 3 campus lots – Johnson Center, Murray Center, and the College Street Lot.