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Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development for positive leadership. This mission statement defines our every step as a university community and provides the basis for our search for the best and most qualified candidates for each open position we seek to fill.

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  1. Please submit a cover letter, resume, and a list of at least three personal references electronically to
  2. If you don’t have a resume, please complete the downloadable application form as follows:
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    Current Full Time Openings

    Administrative Assistant

    Full-Time | Main Campus

    Serves as Administrative Assistant / Receptionist to the Department supervisor.  Provides a broad array of support to other individuals within the organization; may include clerical, secretarial, data entry, filing, word processing, and/or reception duties; may also include recording, information gathering, communicating and any number of other activities designed to increase the work efficiency/effectiveness of those to whom the job reports.


    Associates preferred; High School Diploma, minimum.  High degree of proficiency in office procedures and keyboarding.  Professional tact, diplomacy, and presentation with administrators, staff, faculty, students, parents, and the community.

    Essential Functions:

      • Maintains respect at all times for confidential information.
      • Performs required duties per supervisor as they relate to the department; answering the telephone expediting questions and requests in a courteous, tactful, prompt, and correct manner; greeting visitors.
      • Types, maintains, and distributes accurate memos as directed.
      • Effectively operates various office equipment.
      • Prepares and maintains files
      • Maintains an appointment/meeting calendar and travel schedule for the Department supervisor when requested.
      • Assists in the preparation of monthly reports.
      • Types interoffice and other publications as assigned.
      • Process incoming mail, sorting, opening as directed, and distribution to staff as needed.
      • Assists in maintaining general office filing system.
      • Assists with reports as requested.
      • Completes reports as required by state and federal agencies along with those from accrediting bodies.
      • Oversees selected projects that may be required depending on department.
      Athletic Trainer

      Full-Time | Main Campus

      The Athletic Trainer will work in coordination with the Director of Athletics to provide medical care for intercollegiate student-athletes. The position will require weekly afternoon, evening, and weekend hours.           


      MS degree; at least 1 year of experience that is directly related to Athletic Training; specialized training required  Certified Athletic Trainer. Must have athletic trainer license through the State of Indiana.

      Essential Functions:

        • Direct coverage of intercollegiate athletic contests, intercollegiate athletic team practices, and general athletic training room activities.
        • Keep records for injury evaluations, therapeutic treatments provided, physician referrals, and any incidents occurring during qualifying incidents.
        • Develop, implement and maintain overall sports medicine program for the University, including: injury prevention programs, injury evaluations, injury management, injury treatment and rehabilitation, educational programs and counseling for student-athletes and athletic staff.
        • Perform duties with professionalism, which includes relating to others in a courteous, cooperative, sensitive and congenial manner.
        • Maintain the confidentiality of athletic training room records and university information by following HIPPA and FERPA procedures.
        • Practice OSHA and OCU Guidelines for Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control.
        • Perform other duties to assist the department of athletics.
        • Provide emergency care for all student-athletes and athletic staff personnel and coordinate an Emergency Action Plan in the event of an emergency situation occurring during athletic events.
        • Responsible for the formation of the University’s athletic training staff, including training and supervision of assistant/associate athletic trainers. Hiring for the Athletic training staff should be completed in collaboration with the VP for Administration.
        • Assist Athletic Director and Business Manager in the development of the athletic medical program budget.
        • Evaluate and recommend new techniques and equipment that would enhance the benefit of the athletic medical program.
        • This position will require travel and weekly afternoon, evening and weekend hours.
        Director of Library Services

        Full-Time | Main Campus

        The Director of the Library is responsible for the entire operations of the Library to ensure a well-balanced collection, preparation of reports to the State Library and the U.S. Office of Education.


        Master’s degree in Library Science (M.L.S.) or higher, prior library experience preferred

        Essential Functions:

          • Works with the Provost, the faculty, and the students in ordering, cataloging, and making available books, periodicals, databases, and other materials appropriately coordinated with the curricula and courses of the various schools.
          • Serves as a liaison to a variety of Library Consortia.
          • Prepares all library reports required by the University and by external agencies.
          • Create campus-wide information literacy programs and deliver classroom instruction to strengthen information literacy skills.
          • Collaborate with University Webmaster to ensure the University Library web site includes electronic patron access, links to databases, and instructional materials/videos.
          • Catalog book selections and reference areas. Deletes obsolete holdings as needed.
          • Serves as a systems librarian for the PALNI program.
          • Serves as a member of the Educational Resources Committee to support faculty and undergraduate teaching and research through maintaining appropriate electronic book and journal accesses as well as interlibrary loan agreements.
          • Supervises library staff.
          Financial Aid Program Coordinator

          Full-Time | Main Campus

          The Financial Aid Program Coordinator provides financial advising to students, monitors financial aid awards, and completes federal and state reports. 


          B.S. minimum; M.S. or higher preferred Business/Financial experience

          Essential Functions:

            • Maintains respect at all time for confidential information.
            • Assists with the daily operation and maintenance of the Financial Aid Office.
            • Counsels Term students as to (1) types of awards (2) availability of aid (3) how to apply (4) deadlines.
            • Assists in the preparation of Term students’ financial aid awards (1) collects and reviews needed documents (2) finalize awards.
            • Reviews and reconciles the Federal Pell Report monthly.
            • Reviews and reconciles the Federal Direct Loan Report monthly.
            • Assists the Financial Aid Director with monitoring and reconciling University Scholarships and Endowment Funds.
            • Assists the Financial Aid Director with monitoring and reconciling the State Grant System.
            • Represents the Financial Aid Office at various meetings.
            • Represents Oakland City University as the Tuition Exchange Liaison.
            • Attends Federal and State workshops, seminars and web based training as assigned/approved.
            • Enters data in student information systems (CAMS).
            • Coordinates and processes all verification files for Term & Non Term students.
            Head Women's Soccer Coach

            As coach, lead and manage the Women’s Soccer program.  Responsible for recruitment and retention of players; management of schedules and travel for athletic competition; Assist in the overall operations of the OCU athletic program.  


            B.S. minimum, M.S. or higher preferred. Must have thorough working knowledge of NAIA rules and regulations. Must possess an area of specialized training or experience for teaching or administrative duties; demonstrates a sincere desire to aid all students.

            Essential Functions for Coaching:

              • Recruit a minimum number of student/athletes; varies by sport.
                • Women’s Soccer – 20
              • Organize and conduct fund raising efforts to supplement budget.
              • Organize and conduct practices/workouts throughout the sport season in compliance with University and NAIA regulations.
              • Provide off-season workout guide for student/athletes. To include pre-season conditioning when applicable.
              • Prepare and coach student/athletes for intercollegiate events as well as post-season competition in compliance with NAIA regulations.
              • Prepare and submit to the Athletic Director an annual budget for sport/team.
              • Prepare and submit to the Athletic Administrative Assistant monthly budget reports that reconcile with the detail ledger report for sport/team.
              • Prepare and submit travel expense request for away contests and other sport/team expenses in a timely manner.
              • Travel with team to away games.
              • Conduct seasonal maintenance of sporting fields as applicable
              • Hire or have officials/umpires hired for home games when applicable.
              Residence Hall Director for Male Halls

              Full-Time | Main Campus

              Residence Life at OCU has seen an increase in students living on campus over the past 5 years.  Due to this growth, during the summer of 2021, we began to professionalize the RHD positions that were formerly filled by upper class students with previous RA experience. In the summer of 2022, we hired our second full-time RHD.

              At this time, we have an immediate vacancy for our male RHD and are accepting applications. Review of applications will begin May 15th with an anticipated start date of June 5th. This position will require a commitment to OCU’s “Life In Community” statement.

              Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development for positive leadership. This mission statement defines our every step as a university community and provides the basis for our search for the best and most qualified candidates for each open position we seek to fill.

              The role of the Residence Hall Director is one of facilitating student development, enhancing student life, and promoting the general wellbeing of individuals living in residence hall facilities. RHDs will oversee the day-to-day operations of 2-3 residence halls and supervise 1-2 Assistant Residence Hall Director(s), and up to 12 Resident Assistants (RAs).  Each RHD will spend approximately 20 hours a week holding office hours in the Student Life Center (SLC); the remaining hours will be spent in their halls, building relationships with students, attending hall programs, etc. A portion of office hours will be devoted to assisting the AVPSL with student conduct/adjudication. This is a 12-month, live-in position.  


              • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Education, Psychology, or Social Work; and a minimum of two years of experience as a Resident Assistant or other student leadership role
              • Live a Christian lifestyle and be a positive role model for others
              • Possess moral responsibility and respect confidentiality
              • Ability to manage a live-in schedule that will require working outside of a normal, set schedule
              • Ability to communicate with students, parents, etc. and maintain professional relationships at all organizational levels
              • Fortitude to be assertive, yet caring toward students
              • Ability to understand developmental behavior of the college student
              • Willingness to work/live within the framework and policies of the Residential Life program at OCU and have an understanding of the university’s goals related to student success and retention

              Essential Functions:

                Supervision and Training of Staff:

                • Interviewing and evaluating prospective staff
                • Orientation and training of residence life staff
                • Develop and coordinate staff duty within the halls
                • Encourage residence life staff to develop caring communities – know your residents and their needs
                • Ensure that all staff are well informed and sensitive to general activities, student thinking, and resident needs
                • Directly supervise the staff members assigned to your residence halls
                • Hold regular (usually weekly) staff meetings
                • Develop an administrative style that encourages creativity and provides motivation for the hall staff


                • Coordinate the opening and closing procedures for the housing facilities at the beginning and end of each semester, and during holiday and break periods
                • Facilitate the smooth operation of all matters related to building occupancy and building security
                • Assist the Office of Student Life in keeping accurate and up to date room rosters by managing the room change process for students moving into and out of their assigned residence halls
                • Complete health and safety inspections for your assigned residence hall rooms/suites as designated by the Associate VP for Student Life (usually twice per semester)
                • Complete maintenance requests for your buildings and monitor completion progress
                • Create duty schedule each semester for your residence halls
                • Serve as the overnight emergency contact for your staff and participate in the rotating duty schedule with the other Residence Hall Director and Assistant Residence Hall Directors
                • Maintain office records of activities/programs, room keys and fob inventories, incident reports, building maintenance, and other special situations with the housing facilities
                • Attend staff meetings with the Associate VP for Student Life and workshops as scheduled
                • Assist in the formulation and facilitation of policies and procedures related to the Department of Residence Life
                • Represent the Department of Residence Life to students, parents, guests, and members of the university community
                • Provide weekly office hours (approximately 20 hours per week) to assist students and provide relevant referrals to campus resources
                • Review the nightly duty logs provided by the residence life staff
                • Assume other administrative duties as delegated from the Associate VP for Student Life

                Working with Students:

                • Become well acquainted with the residents in your halls and encourage your RAs to do the same
                • Respond to student requests/questions in a timely and informative manner
                • Provide counsel and appropriate referral services to individual students
                • Facilitate the resolution of conflict between individuals and groups. Facilitate student involvement in the resolution of behavioral problems and conflicts

                Student Conduct/Adjudication:

                • Consistently enforce the Student Code of Conduct and residence hall policies through guidance, education/corrective discipline and effective follow-up/through; be firm, fair, and consistent
                • Receive and review Incident Reports
                • Upon review of each incident, take appropriate measures to mitigate the situation under the guidance of the Associate VP for Student Life
                • Serve as a Hearing Officer or on judicial hearing boards as needed by the Associate VP for Student Life


                • Make referrals that will provide aid to students in obtaining assistance from other campus offices
                • Assume responsibility for initial disciplinary counseling with students in the residence halls and encourage students to accept responsibility for behavior inconsistent with the spirit of university policies

                Student Development Programming:

                • Encourage and promote residence hall programs throughout the academic year
                • Work with students in developing and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to study within the residence halls
                • Be willing to provide additional assistance to new students regarding their orientation to the university
                • Work with hall staff in developing educational, cultural, recreational, spiritual and social programs/seminars consistent with the philosophy of residence living that meet the needs of a diverse student population
                • Encourage maximum participation by students in attending hall programs and other campus activities
                • Attend hall functions and be visible to resident students
                • Encourage, support, and assist student leadership within the halls

                Unusual Working Conditions:

                • Subject to emergency calls outside of scheduled working hours
                • Required to live-in residence hall


                  • To the Associate VP for Student Life

                Residential Life Staff Mission

                Members of the Residential Life Staff believe that the process of higher education can and should involve more than the normal classroom experiences. Opportunities exist within the residence hall setting to enhance personal growth and development through formal and informal contacts with other students, faculty, and staff. As a result, students learn about themselves and others.

                This learning and growing process does not necessarily just happen. It is the involvement of concerned, sensitive people which give meaning to this process. Resident Assistants and Residence Hall Directors are selected for their demonstrated concern and are trained for the purpose of making the most of given opportunities to facilitate this process. Several objectives have been developed to achieve this.

                • To develop an excitement for school spirit, unity, and belonging within each residence hall.
                • To assist in providing an environment within the residence halls that will be conducive to academic, spiritual, and social growth.
                • To encourage and create and inclusive and diverse community, while promoting a Christ honoring atmosphere.
                • To help each student discover his or her purpose while attending OCU.
                • To develop a sense of individual responsibility and self-discipline among students.
                • To interpret university objectives, policies, rules, regulations, and administration to students, and to interpret student attitudes, opinion, and actions to the administration.
                Upward Bound Data Specialist

                The Oakland City University Upward Bound Program is seeking applicants who are interested in pursuing a position as a Data Specialist.  This position is placed in a program that assists middle and high school students in achieving their high school diploma and achieving a degree in postsecondary education.


                • Minimum – High School Diploma | Preferred – Associates Degree
                • Basic Clerical Skills
                • Aptitude to organize and file various paperwork
                • Ability to proof read
                • Letter writing skills
                • Professional phone skills
                • Abilities to learn data entry program
                • Proficiencies in Microsoft Office products
                • Budgeting skills

                Essential Functions:

                  • Track services and data to help program achieve its mandated objectives
                  • Assist with Federal Annual Performance Report
                  • Maintain File Compliance
                  • Basic Budgeting duties
                  • Overall Clerical help for the program

                  Current Part-Time Openings

                  Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach

                  Part-time | Main Campus

                  Assist head coach in all aspects of coaching of respective sport.


                  Bachelor’s degree minimum, Master degree preferred. A proven record of integrity and high principles with demonstrated skills in developing and motivating student/athletes academically and athletically. Must be knowledgeable of NCAA and Oakland City University policies, rules, and guidelines and be committed to upholding those policies, rules and guidelines. Good organizational skills and excellent written and oral communication skills required.

                  Essential Functions

                  • Attend games/matches as assigned by the head coach.
                  • Travel with team to away contest
                  • Assist in scouting and recruiting of athletics for respective sport
                  • Assist with on-field practices
                  • Assist with off-season conditioning and workouts

                  Equal Employment Opportunity of Oakland City University

                  Oakland City University is committed to the achievement of equal opportunity within OCU. In this regard, OCU will recruit, hire, promote, educate, and provide services to persons based upon their individual qualifications. OCU prohibits discrimination based on arbitrary considerations of characteristics such as age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, national origin, race, or veteran status.

                  In full and complete compliance with federal laws and laws of the State of Indiana and all regulations appertaining thereto, the University does not discriminate against students on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, gender, or other status or condition protected by applicable state or federal laws in conducting its educational programs and activities.

                  In the employment of personnel, the University does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, gender, veteran or other status or condition protected by applicable state or federal laws. This policy applies to all conditions of employment, including but not limited to hiring, placement, promotion, transfer, demotion, selection, recruitment, employment, advertising, layoff and termination, compensation, and all other terms and conditions of employment. The University is a private church-related institution and strives to attract those who espouse the Christian faith or those who would be comfortable in such a religious context and environment.

                  All offices, schools, departments and other units of Oakland City University operate pursuant to all applicable laws relating to equal employment and educational opportunity, including but not limited to, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1973, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Age Discrimination In Employment Act of 1967, Section 402 of the Vietnam Era Readjustment Act of 1974, Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Act and Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972.