Dr. Justin Murphy, has completed and published his work on an overview of the Indian Wars. This work looks at Native American tribes and warriors and their role in battles. The work also goes over key European and American leaders as well as soldiers. Dr. Murphy is the Dean of School of Arts and Sciences and a history professor at Oakland City University.

When asked about his work he said,

“Growing up in southeastern Oklahoma, which at one time had been Indian Territory, I went to school with many friends who were Choctaw and had members of my extended family who were part Choctaw. In addition, my hometown was just a few miles away from Wheelock Church (the oldest church building in Oklahoma) and Wheelock Academy, which had been a boarding school of Choctaw girls from 1842-1955. When I went to Texas Christian University for graduate school, I decided to do my master’s work on Wheelock under the direction of Dr. R. David Edmunds, a preeminent scholar on Native American History. I learned that Native American history is multifaceted, especially regarding tribal relations with Europeans and while Americans as well as intertribal relations and rivalries. This work seeks to demonstrate those multifaceted relations by focusing on Native American Wars.”