Dr. Thomas Walls
All Departments Faculty, Chapman School of Religious Studies/Chapman Seminary

Dr. Thomas Walls

Associate Professor of Missions and Religious Studies

Associate Professor of Missions and Religious Studies
B.A., Anderson University
M.A., M.Div., Anderson University - School of Theology
Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Chapman School of Religious Studies
Chapman Seminary

My professional life and passion began with and continues to be centered on ministry. I have the great privilege of combining that love and passion with helping others to prepare for their own callings into ministry. I began my professional pilgrimage with youth ministry and then followed that with ten years as a church planting missionary in Venezuela. Before coming to Oakland City University and its Chapman Seminary eight years ago, I was the senior pastor of the congregation that was the mother church of my home congregation in Sikeston, Missouri.

Something that is very important to me is the opportunity to take my teaching outside the classroom and be a “hands-on” mentor. As the faculty advisor for the F.O.C.U.S. Missions Organization on campus, I have greatly enjoyed the opportunities to do just that by helping to sponsor missions trips to Mexico and to the Lakota Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. One of the most satisfying aspects of being a professor is seeing my students graduate; but to see them move into various aspects of ministry positions in the United States and around the world is personally fulfilling to me.

I have been blessed with a wonderful wife who has participated in her own ministries as we have been missionaries, pastors, and educators for some thirty years. We have two adult children and three grandchildren. When I’m away from the campus you will find me doing handyman jobs around the house or maybe on a local lake doing some kayaking. During the fall one of my personal passions comes into play as I don the black and the gold to become part of “Steeler Nation” as I root for my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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