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Information for Students

Information for Students

The capstone of a student's education here at OCU is the successful acquisition of a professional career.

Career Services plays a key role in helping students learn the basics of job search strategy, including networking with professionals in the field, researching the job market, and self-marketing.

Login or register to OCU's Career Services to create a profile and search for job opportunities. You will have the option to make your profile 'searchable' to potential employers.

Career Assessment and Counseling

Freshman and sophomore students may not have a clear picture of what they plan to do upon graduation from OCU. Career Services can help students understand the options available to them; explore options by providing job market statistics and other information; and help students ensure they are pursuing degrees that match their individual career goals.

Academic Progress Plans

Career Services Advisors review Oakland City University major checklists with students and help them develop their four-year academic plans.

Mentor-Tutor Program

Career Services offers a Mentor-Tutor Program which is designed to not only tutor in academics, but also to advise students on college choices and other critical skills and techniques. This program is dedicated to matching peers together in order to share the knowledge gained from experience as a student. Making these kinds of connections at the collegiate level allows for the attainment of a vast amount of resources and information.

Students interested in receiving assistance through the Mentor-Tutor Program or those interested in becoming Mentor-Tutors should contact Rebecca Shapiro, Career Services Coordinator.

Credential Files

Seniors may create credential files with Career Services that will be sent to employers and institutions of the individual student's choice. This practice is most often found within the field of education. See a Career Services representative for more information.

Resume Assistance

Career Services Advisors provide personal assistance to students with their resumes, cover letters, and other credentials, by giving examples, providing layout critique and suggestions on overall effectiveness, and checking grammar and punctuation. One-on-one assistance is provided to walk-ins or by appointment.

Seminars, Workshops, and Fairs

Career Services offers various seminars and workshops that promote success at the collegiate level and beyond. Seminars and workshops include, but are not limited to, financial literacy workshops, writing workshops, and career fairs

Resume Builder assists you to create an effective and professional resume by providing expert tips, writing examples, and helpful suggestions. The software also comes with a cover letter builder, thank you letter builder, and more.

For all students registering for the first time or returning students logging in, visit the resume builder now and sign in with your university issued email address.

Interview Preparation

Preparing for an interview can be a challenging and intimidating task. Students can schedule one-on-one meetings with Career Services to get personalized help preparing for a job interview, including answering sample questions and preparing information he or she may choose to ask a recruiter. In addition, Career Services offers a variety of workshops and other opportunities to refine interviewing skills.

To ensure a well-rounded approach to interview preparation, Career Services can facilitate Mock Interviews with professionals in the field. This unique opportunity allows students to receive objective feedback by seasoned managers in a realistic setting.

Job Search Resources

The following sites offer resources for interview preparedness, resume development, and job research:


Indiana Department of Education

HigherEd Jobs


Other Resources:


GMAT Practice Preparation