Secure, prioritize, and sustain resources to support OCU’s mission.
Goal Six

Secure, prioritize, and sustain resources to support OCU’s mission.

Shaping Our FutureWe rely on a strong network of supporters to achieve our strategic goals and objectives. We believe our mission of preparing students for leadership and service from a faith-based foundation is an important contribution to our country and the world, and continue pursuing current and future partners to ensure we can carry it out in the future. We endeavor to strengthen our network of advocates and partners by cultivating stronger relationships and increasing opportunities for donors and alumni to engage with current campus community members. We are also committed to stewarding our resources wisely, focusing on key areas that sustain our institution’s physical, intellectual, and social capital and give us a competitive advantage.

We will accomplish this goal by ensuring we achieve the following objectives, holding ourselves accountable by assessing our progress towards related performance indicators:  

Objectives Performance Indicators
6.1 Cultivate OCU advocates and promote their engagement with the university.

6.1.1 Percentage of donors who report themselves as advocates of OCU.*

6.1.2 Donor attrition rate is below 30%. 6.1.3 Increase Alumni Association membership by 15%.

6.1.4 Increase Lifetime Living Oak members of the Alumni Association by 20%.

6.1.5 Increase annual alumni giving by 15%.

6.2 Deepen partnerships with current OCU advocates.

6.2.1 Increase median and modal gifts by 15% annually.

6.2.2 Reach target percentages of donors at each level in the gift range chart.

6.2.3 Four annual donor engagement activities directed at planned giving are implemented.

6.3 Prioritize resources to maximize the competitive advantage of OCU as it fulfills its mission.

6.3.1 Increase the portion of the institutional budget dedicated to enrollment management by 2%.

6.3.2 Develop an academic program master plan to determine reallocation of budget to instructional initiatives.

6.3.3 Increase the portion of institutional budget dedicated to enhancing campus culture by 2%.

6.3.4 Percentage of faculty and staff who believe the institutional strategic plan is adequately supported with critical resources.*

6.4 Maintain and enhance the physical plant through effective facility management.

6.4.1 100% of routine and deferred maintenance needs are included in the master facilities plan.

6.4.2 Dollar amount invested for and/or dedicated to capital projects.*

6.4.3 Age of plant ratio of less than a targeted amount.*

6.5 Ensure financial sustainability.

6.5.1 Operating ratio (expenses to revenue) of less than 1.

6.5.2 Financial Sustainability Composite Score greater than or equal to 2.0.


* No current target. A target will be set after the first year of data has been collected and analyzed.