Hire and retain a highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff.
Goal One

Hire and retain a highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff.

Shaping Our FutureOur faculty and staff play an essential role in creating and maintaining the type of learning environment where our students can thrive. We are committed to continue bringing in and supporting faculty who are effective teachers, knowledgeable in their discipline; who bring professional experience in their area; and who can address changes in their field, technology, and student demographics in innovative ways. Ultimately we want faculty who are committed to our students’ success. Similarly, we want to continue attracting and retaining knowledgeable staff who can lead in their respective areas through collaboration, continuous learning, and a strong commitment to supporting fellow staff members, faculty and students.

We will accomplish this goal by ensuring we achieve the following objectives, holding ourselves accountable by assessing our progress towards related performance indicators:

Objectives Performance Indicators
1.1. Hire highly qualified faculty and staff.

1.1.1. Percentage of faculty with preferred qualifications for their appointment.*

1.1.2. Percentage of staff with preferred qualifications for their job.*

1.2. Hire a diverse faculty and staff. 1.2.1. Increase the number of faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds (i.e., racial/ethnic and gender) by 5%.
1.3. Increase the retention of faculty and staff. 1.3.1. Maintain an annual attrition rate of less than 20% for full-time faculty and staff.


* No current target. A target will be set after the first year of data has been collected and analyzed.