Event Requests

Student Life Policy for Calendar and Event Submissions

The planning and approval of Oakland City University sponsored Activities/Events (on or off campus), as well as the use of all Main Campus facilities, must begin with the Office for Student Life. The Office for Student Life is also responsible for maintaining the University calendar.

  • All events must be approved 10 business days preceding the activity/event.
  • If the event is to include guest speakers, the names of the proposed speakers must be included on the event request submission.
  • All fundraising activities conducted by campus clubs, organizations and athletic teams must be pre-approved by the Office for Student Life with final approval from the Executive Offices.
  • Please note: Events cannot be advertised until you receive written approval from Student Life and/or the Executive Office. Posters and flyers used for advertising events on campus must be stamped as approved by the Office for Student Life.
  • Exceptions to this policy are the scheduling of: Intercollegiate Athletic Events; Undergraduate and Graduate classes; and weekly chapel services for Main Campus and Chapman. Events held in Chapman Seminary and Dunn Art Gallery require a calendar and event request submission form to ensure inclusion on the University Calendar.
  • Any activity/event that includes the services of Pioneer College Catering must be pre-approved by the Office for Student Life and the Executive Offices 3 weeks in advance of the event.
    • Any activity/event that includes food services being used on campus must give Pioneer College Catering the opportunity to bid on the food services for the event.

To Submit a Calendar or Event Request

  1. Fill out the Event Request Form (available in the downloads box on the right), ensuring that all of the required fields have been filled in, as well as any other fields which apply to your event.
  2. Select the Envelope button in the tool bar.
  3. A box will appear on the right-hand side of the window and ask if you would like to Use Adobe Send Now Online or Attach to Email. Select the “Attach to Email” option.
  4. Select “Attach” and an email box will appear with the file already attached. Send the email to the Department of Student Life, via: tmoore@oak.edu
  5.  Student Life will receive and approve or deny the use of your requested room unless the event qualifies as exempt from this policy.
    1. If room use is approved, the document will then be forwarded to the Executive Office for approval.
    2. If use of the room is denied, you will be informed by Student Life.
  6. The Executive Office will receive your request, and either approve or deny the event. Once approved or denied, the Executive office will inform Student Life
    1. If your event is approved, Student Life will inform you and you may begin advertising your event. Events which are appropriate for placement on the University Calendar will be posted by Student Life at this time.
    2. If your event has been denied, you will be informed at this time.