Enroll and retain a high-quality and diverse student body.
Goal Two

Enroll and retain a high-quality and diverse student body.

Shaping Our FutureOur students make Oakland City University’s learning community vibrant. We are committed to continue attracting and supporting the type of students who can challenge each other to grow. In practice this means recruiting students with strong academic backgrounds from a variety of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds who can contribute their unique perspectives and engage in intellectual inquiry together. It also means improving our support services to meet the needs of all students who choose to make OCU their home.

We will accomplish this goal by ensuring we achieve the following objectives, holding ourselves accountable by assessing our progress towards related performance indicators:

Objectives Performance Indicators
2.1. Grow student enrollment to enrich the community of learning.

2.1.1 Increase fall main campus new student (first-year and transfer) enrollment to 180 per year.

2.1.2 Increase graduate enrollment to 335.

2.1.3 Increase non-traditional enrollment (i.e., Adult and Professional Studies and fully-online) to 340.

2.1.4 Increase number of General Baptist students by 50. 2.1.5 Increase enrollment of correctional correspondence to 140 students.

2.2. Increase the quality and diversity of the student body.

2.2.1 Increase average high school GPA of incoming first-time, full-time bachelor’s degree seeking of students.*

2.2.2 Decrease the number of students accepted with conditions.*

2.2.3 Increase the percentage of students from diverse backgrounds (i.e., race/ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic status, first-generation) by 3%.

2.3. Improve student retention.

2.3.1 43% 4-year graduation rate.

2.3.2 77% retention rate (i.e., first-time, full-time, bachelor’s degree-seeking students continuing the following fall semester).

str2.3.3 80% success rate (year to year retention and completion combined).


* No current target. A target will be set after the first year of data has been collected and analyzed.