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Ashley Elliott

Lecturer in Psychology

Lecturer in Psychology
M.S., Lee University
School of Arts and Sciences

Professor Elliott, a full-time faculty member of Oakland City University since 2011, provides oversight to the undergraduate Psychology program and the Specialization in Addictions Counseling.

Courses taught:
PSY101 - General Psychology
PSY201 - Introduction to Counseling
PSY290 - Social & Cultural Diversity
PSY300 - Addictions Theory
PSY322 - Family Education
PSY340 - Addictions Counseling,
PSY351 - Psychological Tests & Measures
PSY360 - Lifespan Development
PSY380 - Treatment Planning
PSY390 - Psychoactive Drugs
PSY401 - Social Psychology
PSY410 - Internship in Psychology
PSY420/430 - Practicum in Addictions Counseling I/II
PSY445 - Studies & Seminar in Psychology

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