Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program provides funds for part-time employment to help students finance the cost of post-secondary education. 

Hourly wages are commensurable to minimum wage. Students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of the application process for FWS assistance.  The Financial Aid Office will determine initial eligibility, hours available to work, and department assignment. The number of available positions and the potential number of hours to be awarded are limited due to the amount of the allocation approved through the Federal Work Study Program for Oakland City University.

Questions regarding work study eligibility and requirements can be directed to Oakland City University’s Work Study Coordinator, Erica Meece. Erica can be reached at or 812-749-1224.



Work study positions at Oakland City University involve access to information about students that is covered by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Work study students

  • will only access and  use Oakland City University information for the performance of official University business.
  • will not, directly or indirectly, communicate this protected information to any person other than the work study supervisor.
  • understand that any user ID’s and passwords assigned will only be used by the student and are not to be divulged to any other party.
  • understand that failure to comply with any of the above noted conditions may result in termination from the assigned position.

Job Description and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of each work study student will vary depending upon the position.  Please contact your supervisor for specific job requirements.  Students will be responsible for completing a time card for each pay period.  It is the student’s responsibility to turn the timecard in to the supervisor at the end of each pay period. Paychecks will be available for pick up in the Business Office on the first business day of each month.

  • Academic Affairs Work Study
  • Admissions Work Study
  • Advancement Work Study
  • AEL Work Study
  • Art Lab Work Study
  • Assessment Work Study
  • Biology Department Work Study
  • Bookstore Work Study
  • Business Office Work Study
  • Campus Life Work Study
  • Education Department Work Study
  • Financial Aid Work Study
  • Fitness Center/Intermural Work Study
  • Gym Work Study
  • Housekeeping Work Study
  • Information Technology Work Study
  • Library Work Study
  • Maintenance Work Study
  • Purchasing Work Study
  • Registrar Work Study
  • Security Work Study


Work study students:

  • Must arrange a mutually beneficial work schedule with the position supervisor.
  • May not work more than the hours for which he/she is eligible.
  • Cannot be credited in advance for hours worked.
  • Cannot work during holidays or breaks unless prior permission is obtained from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Understand that hours for Spring Break, Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, and other days the University is scheduled to be closed are not included in the annual award; therefore students will not be permitted to make up those hours during the regular work schedule.
  • Will adhere to the arranged work schedule.
  • Will notify the supervisor in advance if an absence is unavoidable.
  • Understands that if he/she fails to report to work, perform unsatisfactorily, or violates the terms of this agreement he/she is subject to termination. 
  • Are encouraged to keep the mission of the school in mind and dress according to OCU’s dress code policy.
  • Understands that if he/she is dismissed from a position no additional assignment will be made.
  • Understands that if he/she quits an assigned position, OCU reserves the right not to reassign.
  • Understands that he/she must complete a separation form in the HR Office if a position is terminated.
  • Understands that he/she may not be paid in a University position while also receiving funds from the work study program. 
  • Understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality.
  • Understands that he/she will not be permitted to start work until the work study contact has been signed and returned.
  • Understands that work study awards are contingent on continued eligibility, funding, and approval.

Work study students must stop working IMMEDIATELY if:

  • The student drops below 6 credit hours.
  • Fails to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP).
  • The student has earned the full work study award for the applicable semester.
  • The student has been notified by the Work Study Coordinator that he/she must stop working.