Foundational Core Course Requirements - Bachelor Degree

Communication Skills (9 hours)    
Written Communication (6 hours)    
ENG-101  English Composition I 3 hours
ENG-102 English Composition II 3 hours
Oral Communications (3 hours)  Choose One Course Depending on Major:  
ENG-202 Fundamentals of Speech 3 hours
BUS-202 Professional Presentations (Business Majors) 3 hours
PS-310 Introduction to Preaching (Christian Studies Majors) 3 hours
Critical Thinking & Decision Making Skills (3 hours)    
T-101 Freshman Foundations 3 hours


Broad Range of Cultural Knowledge with Global Outlook (6 hours)    
Global History and Societies (6 hours) Choose HIS-103 and One Other Course:  
HIS-101 World Civilization I 3 hours
HIS-102 World Civilization II 3 hours
HIS-103 Contemporary World History (Required) 3 hours
HIS-241 Introduction to American History I 3 hours
HIS-242 Introduction to American History II 3 hours
HIS-243 Modern America 3 hours
ECON-203 Macroeconomics 3 hours
GEOG-101 Elements of Geography 3 hours
PSY-101 General Psychology 3 hours
SOC-201 Introduction to Sociology 3 hours
SS-101 Social, Economic, and Political Institutions 3 hours
Cultural Arts (6 hours) Choose One Literature and One ART or FA Course:   
ART-115 Western Art History 3 hours
ART-214 Non-Western Cultures 3 hours
ART-216 History of Communication Design 3 hours
FA-201 Fine Arts & Modern Man 3 hours
FA-202 Christianity and the Arts 3 hours
ENG-201 Masterpieces of World Literature (Prereq: ENG-102) 3 hours
ENG-210 Introduction to British Literature (Prereq: ENG-102 3 hours
ENG-215 Introduction to American Literature (Prereq: ENG-102 3 hours
MUS-225 History of American Popular Music 3 hours
Broad Range of Analytical Knowledge (3-4 hours) Choose MATH 110, 115, or Statistics Course:  
MATH-105 Intermediate Algebra (counts as elective) 3 hours
MATH-110 General College Math 3 hours
MATH-115 College Algebra 3 hours
MATH-120 Trigonometry 3 hours
MATH-125 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 3 hours
MATH-216 Analytical Geometry/Calculus I 4 hours
BUS-320 Business Statistics 3 hours
CJ-125 Criminal Justice Statistics 3 hours
PSY-125 Psychological Statistics 3 hours
SOC-125 Social Science Statistics 3 hours
Broad Range of Scientific Knowledge (3-4 hours) Choose One Course:  
BIO-101 Introduction to Life Sciences 3 hours
BIO-105 Environmental Biology 3 hours
BIO-220 General Botany 4 hours
BIO-221 General Zoology 4 hours
BIO-301/302 Basic Human Anatomy & Physiology I or II 3 hours
CHEM-101 General Chemistry & Lab 4 hours
PHSC-101 Introduction to Physical Sciences 4 hours
PHY-101 General Physics & Lab 4 hours
Physical Well-Being (2 hours)    
HPE-201 Fitness and Wellness 2 hours
HPE-### Basic Skills Elective 1 hour
HPE-### Basic Skills Elective 1 hour
Christian Influenced Values (3 hours)    
BIB-201 Old Testament Literature 3 hours
BIB-205 New Testament 3 hours
PHIL-210 Faith and Reasoning 3 hours
PHIL-220 Introduction to Ethics 3 hours


General Baptist Students (3 hours in addition to Foundational Core)    
RS-101 General Baptist Life (required for all Lay GB students) 3 hours
CH-401 General Baptist Heritage (required for all Ordained GB students) 3 hours


Senior Capstone Course Each School Department designates a Senior Capstone Course to be completed.   
Capstone Course/Project