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School of Business

Welcome to the School of Business! 

Students pursuing programs in the School of Business develop competencies to equip them for graduate school and for careers in many fields, including accounting, human resources, general management, marketing, and teaching.

Programs are offered for traditional main campus students and for working adults in online and/or evening courses for flexibility in earning your degree! 

In addition, the business professional today must be equipped to deal with the business enterprise on a global scale. Working with colleagues in a "team-oriented" environment is a skill which our students learn in our competency-based programs. A variety of degree options, certificates and specializations are available.  A primary objective of the faculty in the School of Business is to guide, mentor, and encourage students so that they gain the capacity to think and act critically. Opportunities are available for students to complete internships in business and industry.


For questions regarding the School of Business contact:

Dr. Cathy Robb, Dean & Professor or 618.302.0988 


Students interested in the NECA EARN programs can email or call Dr. Robb to discuss enrollment options! 



Professional Accreditation

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The School of Business at Oakland City University has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. For a list of accredited programs click

The School of Business has demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement, excellence in business education, and advancing academic quality in its business programs and operations through achieving specialized accreditation. 

Click on the following document link to view the business programs that are accredited by IACBE:

Public Notification of Accreditation by IACBE

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Click the following document to view the Public Disclosure of Student Achievement by School Year: 

IACBE Public Disclosure of Student Achievement 2019-2020

IACBE Public Disclosure of Student Achievement 2018-2019

IACBE Public Disclosure of Student Achievement 2017-2018

IACBE Public Disclosure of Student Achievement 2016-2017

Mission of the School of Business

The mission of the School of Business is to create and sustain a faith-based learning community focused on preparing program graduates with the current knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a business enterprise. This includes an emphasis on life-long intellectual learning, ethical and moral conduct, cultural diversity, social development, and teamwork for positive leadership.

Goals of the School of Business

Broad-Based Student Learning Goals:

  1. Professional – Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply and synthesize the various concepts, theories, and practices in the functional areas of business in order to facilitate sound business decisions.
  1. Information Technology and Literacy – Graduates will demonstrate the ability to access, use, and evaluate management information in business decision making.
  1. Disciplined Inquiry – Graduates will demonstrate the ability to use quantitative and qualitative analytical and critical thinking skills to evaluate information, solve problems, and make sound decisions.
  1. Communication Skills – Graduates will demonstrate the ability to communicate coherently and effectively using various methodologies.
  1. Ethics and Morality – Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge and application of appropriate ethical and moral behavior in the workplace.


Broad-Based Operational Goals:

  1. The School of Business will offer strong, comprehensive, and contemporary degree programs that retain and successfully prepare students for academic and professional careers, graduate school, and professional advancement.
  1. The School of Business will hire and retain faculty members who are highly qualified in their teaching disciplines
  1. The School of Business will provide a supportive learning environment that contributes to excellence in business education.
  1. The School of Business will offer significant hands-on experiential learning opportunities for students.