History Minor

The History minor is a 24 hour program of studies composed of six required History survey courses and two upper level (300 or 400) History elective courses. 

The required core courses are: HIS 101 World Civilizations I, HIS 102 World Civilizations II, HIS 103 Contemporary World History, HIS 241 Introduction to American History I, HIS 242 Introduction to American History II, and HIS 243 Modern America.

The two upper level elective courses can be chosen from the following: HIS 301 Western Economic History and Thought, HIS 305 History of American Diplomacy, HIS 320 Topics in Contemporary World Issues, HIS 350 Topics in Minorities History, HIS 444 Studies in Non Western History, HIS 445 Studies in American History, HIS 446 Studies in Western History, and HIS 447 Studies in History. The "Topics" and "Studies" courses offer a variety of offerings which change every time the courses are offered.