English (Concentrations in English Secondary Education Licensure and Secondary English Education Non-licensure Available)

The English major equips students with writing and speaking skills, an understanding of the English language, and a depth and breadth of knowledge in the literature of the world.

Students are taught to think creatively and rationally and to appreciate the beauty of the masterpieces of literature. Students are prepared to continue their study in a graduate school. A major in English consists of 48 semester hours. 

English: Secondary Education (Minor or Licensure)

Students pursuing an English major who are interested in teaching in secondary education settings can add one of two education concentrations: one including a general secondary education minor or another leading to state licensure in secondary English education. This second option includes additional licensure requirements, such as maintaining a 2.70 GPA in major courses, demonstrating proficiency in state licensure exams, and completing student teaching. Students pursuing these education minors must also complete elective courses to reach the program requirement of 120 hours.