CHEM 101L students working in the Laboratory

Chemistry Minor

In an era where the boundaries that divide the traditional sciences have faded substantially, a broad knowledge in all the sciences is a huge asset. The science department offers a chemistry minor for Science majors who want to broaden their knowledge and opportunities. The chemistry minor requires at least 23 hours of Chemistry courses as follows

Chemistry Minor Requirements (19 hours)

CHEM 101                   General Chemistry I & Lab                                          4 hrs

CHEM 102                   General Chemistry II & Lab                                         4 hrs

CHEM 201                   Organic Chemistry I & Lab                                          4 hrs

CHEM 202                   Organic Chemistry II & Lab                                         4 hrs

CHEM 315                   Biochemistry                                                                    3 hrs


Select 1 course from any of the following:

CHEM 301                   Quantitative Analysis                                                   4 hrs

CHEM 325                   Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics           4 hrs

CHEM 352                   Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry                             4 hrs

CHEM 353                   Environmental Chemistry                                          3 hrs

CHEM 445                   Chemistry Research                                                      3-6 hrs