Cassidy Nalley

Adjunct Instructor
  • B.S., M.S.

Ms. Nalley serves as Campus Counselor and teaches in the Psychology department. Mrs. Nalley graduated from Oakland City University with a bachelor's degrees in Social Sciences and from University of Southern Indiana with a master's degree in Social Work.

Courses taught:

  • SOC201- Introduction to Sociology
  • PSY101- General Psychology
  • PSY212- Sports Psychology
  • PSY251- Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSY330- Substance Abuse and Dependency
  • PSY351- Psychological Tests & Measures
  • PSY352- Physiological Psychology
  • PSY360- Lifespan Development
  • PSY372- Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY401- Social Psychology
  • PSY412- Criminal Psychology
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