EDUC-350 Social Studies Methods

Focuses on development of social awareness in elementary children and explores the concepts of the social studies and its seven core disciplines, (anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology) incorporating them into the curriculum, with emphasis on planning and implementing teaching-learning experiences and encouraging the acquisition of this knowledge in children through developmentally appropriate means. 

Includes diverse teaching experiences and collaboration with school and community in which candidates implement the Junior Achievement curriculum by encouraging the development of problem solving while constructing a variety of opportunities for K-6 students. Students are required to implement a pre/post assessment to demonstrate the impact on student learning in the Junior Achievement classroom. 

As a culmination of the field experience component candidates are required to evaluate and reflect upon his/her teaching potential, practice in light of research, impact on student learning, and overall professional growth as related to the promotion and well-being of children.