Chapman Seminary Events

Chapman Seminary hosts an academic symposium and a lecture series each year.

Chapman Fall Symposium Series

Upcoming Symposium

A specially scheduled spring symposium will be held in 2019.  Dr. Robert Asa will be speaking on “William Barclay (1907-1978): Theologian for the People.”

Past Symposiums

  • 2008 Ronald Mercer, “Phenomenology and That God-Shaped Hole”
  • 2010 Thomas Leuze, “Making the Story Present: Contextualized Texts in Religious Instruction”
  • 2011 Robert Asa, “John A. Broadus (1827-1895): Victorian Model for Contemporary Ministry”
  • 2012 Danny Dunivan, “Toward a Re-Envisioned Baptist History”
  • 2013 Ronald Mercer, “David Hume’s Transcendental Teleology: A new interpretation of Hume’s account of intelligent design”
  • 2015 Robert Asa, “A. T. Robertson (1863-1934): A Scholar for All Seasons”
  • 2016 Thomas Leuze, “Creating Space for Holocaust Studies in the Theological Curriculum”
  • 2017 Ronald Mercer, “Why the Church Needs the Blues”

Chapman Spring Lecture Series

Past Lectures

  • 2008 Clayton Jefford, “Why Bother with the Apostolic Fathers?”
  • 2009 James Ware, “The Hope of a Renewed Creation in Paul”
  • 2010 Richard Pierard, “Baptists Can Work Together”
  • 2011 Terry Cooper, “Anxiety, Stress, and the Spiritual Journey”
  • 2013 Mark McEntire, “Portraits of a Mature God: Choices for Old Testament Theology”
  • 2014 Kim Baker, “Augustine of Hippo: Conversion and the Restless Human Heart”
  • 2015 David Bradshaw, “St. John Chrysostom on Grace and Free Will”
  • 2016 James Ware, “The Resurrection in Paul”
  • 2018 Mark Nation, “Bonhoeffer: Being a Christian in a World of Nazis.”