Lay Ministry Minor

The Lay Ministry minor consists of 18 Hours, a total of six 3 hour courses as outlined below.

Required Courses:
BIB-201   Old Testament Literature*
BIB-205   New Testament Literature**
RS-101   General Baptist Life
Choose Three Courses from the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies Program (9 Hours):
CE-201   Introduction to Christian Education
CE-305   Worship Leadership
CE-310   Teaching in the Church
CE-315   Lay Leadership in the Church
CM-201   Introduction to Christian Missions
CM-301   Evangelism and Church Growth
RS-445   Seminar in Christian Studies

*Students who have BIB 101 and BIB 102 can substitute for BIB 201.
**Students who have BIB 105 and BIB 106 can substitute for BIB 205.