Christian Studies - Associate

The Associate of Arts in Christian Studies prepares men and women for entry-level positions in the local church or parachurch ministry.

The associate degree program has a required Foundational Core of twenty-four (24) semester hours, a Christian Studies Core of thirty (30) semester hours, and six (6 )hours of unrestricted electives as part of the program of study. The associate program requires the successful completion of sixty (60) semester hours.

Many of Oakland City University associate graduates also go on to pursue the full bachelor degree and graduate level theological studies. Whichever path they choose, upon completion of their religious studies associate degree program online, Oakland City University graduates are equipped with both the intellectual and moral strength to go forth on their Christian journey through the world.

The online Associate of Arts in Christian Studies degree is also a 60 credit hour program that can be completed in as little as 24 months. 

Christian Studies Core (30 Hours)

Required Courses
BIB-201   Old Testament Literature                          (3 Hours)
BIB-205   New Testament Literature                        (3 Hours)
CE-201     Introduction to Christian Education    (3 Hours)
CE-301     Church Administration                              (3 Hours)
CE-305     Worship Leadership                                    (3 Hours)
CH-201    Introduction to Church History              (3 Hours)
CM-301    Evangelism and Church Growth            (3 Hours)

Choose 9 Hours
from BIB, CE, CM, CH, PHIL, and PS                         (9 Hours)
*with the Approval of the Advisor

Choose 6 Hours
Unrestricted Electives                                                   (6 Hours)

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