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Adult & Professional Studies

Adult and Professional Studies Degrees

If you are a working adult in business or industry, this is a program concept you should consider! 

Adult and Professional Studies is a learning/teaching community dedicated to OCU's mission: Oakland City University is a Christian faith-based learning community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social development for positive leadership.

Students can save more time and money by securing program credits through work experience and/or specialized training in their career area. The university also offers many fully online classes. This unique blend of curricula allows for degree completion in about 18 months, at a reasonable cost that is competitive with other colleges and universities in Indiana. The aspect of accelerated programming allows the student to complete their degree more quickly, and move forward in their career.

The School of Business at Oakland City University provides career-oriented programs and coursework at Learning Centers located throughout Indiana.  Faculty at these centers teach high-quality coursework designed to combine actual work experiences of the student with university course content and objectives.  This approach accelerates the in-class time investment, and reduces that investment by 1/3 to 1/2 of the traditional class time. Out-of-class assignments in team projects, focused individual study, and individual projects serve to supplement the learning objectives in each course.

OCU has a variety of centers which are conveniently located. These sites now include Bedford, Evansville, Plainfield, Rockport, and Oakland City. Click on Learning Center Facilities for a listing of programs offered.  Cohort groups also operate at other locations throughout Indiana. Multiple centers make it possible for working adults from Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois to earn associates, bachelors, or masters degrees. Depending upon the program, the courses will meet one time per week for either five, eight, or 15 weeks.




Retention Rate

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12 to 1

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