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Commitment to Diversity at Oakland City University

Oakland City University is committed to a core set of values that are reflected in a culture that promotes development of personal and professional integrity and engagement for the benefit of our society. As an academic community the University values:

  • Respect for the individual and deviating perspectives that challenge us
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity in thought and action

The success of these values are captured in our strategic planning for developing, implementing, and supporting ingenuities designed to enrich the diversity of the academic climate. Action items designed to bolster these initiatives are:

  • To recruit and retain a high quality diverse student population in all programs at Oakland City University
  • To increase the level of multicultural awareness and knowledge for students, faculty, and staff regarding our school communities
  • To offer scholarship opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds
  • To provide a Diversity Coordinator In addition, all course syllabi contain this statement: Respect for Divergent Viewpoints and Diversity – Students and faculty are to show appropriate respect for each other even when divergent viewpoints are expressed in the classroom. Such respect does not require agreement with or acceptance of divergent viewpoints.

If you have any questions, please contact Elisabet Sena-Martin, Diversity Coordinator, esena@oak.edu.