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OCU is proud to see these professors going above and beyond. Whether it be a story, spreading the gospel, or sharing knowledge, this is a wonderful display of what active inspiration is. Professors teach beyond the classroom and their students reach far more than the students that have been assigned to their class. With these publications they will never know how many lives they have touched and how many people they have inspired. Thank you, for your commitment to never stop learning and sharing your knowledge with the world. GO OAKS!

Dr. Sarah Wilson- two articles:

"Implementing Peer-Led Team Learning and Cyber Peer-Led Team Learning in an Organic Chemistry Course," The Journal of College Science Teaching.

"Learning Together: Social Construction of Knowledge in Organic Chemistry Peer-Led Team Learning and Cyber Peer-Led Team Learning Settings," The Chemical Educator.

Dr. Steven Custer:

“Churches Benefit When Ministry Compensation Reflects Terms of Service and Work-Life Balance,” Common Ground Journal.

Dr. Cathy Robb & Dr. Jervaise McDaniel:

“Game On: Using Technology Tools to Increase Student Engagement and Motivation,” Journal for Advancing Business Education.

Dr. Ron Mercer:

“Why the Church Needs the Blues,” Common Ground Journal.  

Dr. Randy Mills- two articles:

A Terror to the People: The Evolution of an Outlaw Gang in the Lower Midwest,” Midwest Social Sciences Journal.

“Just Making Myself Count”: A Christmas Story from the Vietnam War,” Journal for the Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Stephen Kissel- has a book accepted for publication  

Religion and the Transformation of the Old Northwest: Creating Community in Antebellum America, University of Illinois Press.






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