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2018 New Student Orientation

The Office of Student Life is excited to welcome the incoming Class of 2022 in August to Oakland City University.  In an effort for the newly accepted students to have a successful transition to OCU, a three-day orientation has been planned.

This year’s new student orientation entitled “Shaping My Future” will begin on Sunday, August 19th with students moving into the residence halls. New commuter students will be invited to arrive later in the afternoon as orientation events will begin to unfold with an Opening Ceremony followed by a reception for our new students and their families.

In addition to OCU staff and faculty welcoming our new students, a number of upper class students have been selected to be Orientation Leaders (OLs) and will mentor new students throughout their orientation days. 

Just to highlight some of this year’s orientation events:

  • Sunday (August 19th) is “Opening Day” and at OCU, we think of it as “Family Day” – on this day, new residential students move into their new residence halls with the help of their families and friends!  The afternoon is for all new first-year and new transfer students (both residential and commuter).  We will have an Opening Ceremony where all of our new students are inducted into the OCU community. Families and friends of new students are encouraged to attend this ceremony. A reception will follow.  Soon after, we will ask our families to say their good-byes and orientation activities for new students will continue into the evening.
  • Monday morning, August 20th, will focus on the OCU motto, “Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve” – new students will go into the larger community and perform service opportunities or Acts of Kindness.  
  • Monday afternoon will include an interactive program that takes the elements of team building and combines them with the enthusiasm and energy of the new students and Orientation Leaders to create a community out of strangers. After dinner, students will enjoy an Ice Cream Social at the President’s home. The evening will conclude with a program entitled, “True Colors” to help students better understand how to make wise decisions.
  • Tuesday will include a Pancake Breakfast served by the university’s faculty and staff; the New Student Convocation will be held for all new students, a session on the dos and don’ts of academic success; and a Scavenger Hunt will be held for new students to better understand the layout of the campus. We will conclude the evening with a Fall Kick-Off Celebration with a picnic dinner, music, inflatables, prizes, and lots of fun!

All new students, both residential and commuter students, are encouraged to take advantage of the free meals that will be served during New Student Orientation days.  

As Fall semester classes begin on Wednesday, August 22nd, a variety of other fun activities & events will be offered, sponsored by OCU’s Student Activities Office, the Student Government Association, and Residential Life.

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