Institutional Assessment

Oakland City University is continually looking for ways to improve its educational efforts.

For that reason assessment is very important. One of the critical elements to this assessment effort is the design and use of learning outcomes (LOs). OCU uses LOs within four major contexts. These contexts are: institutional learning outcomes, school learning outcomes, degree program learning outcomes, and course learning outcomes.

The Office of Institutional Assessment designs, plans, and implements the University’s assessment program which covers placement testing, course evaluations, program evaluations, capstone testing, and graduate surveys. Periodic refinement of stated goals and objectives as well as processes and assessment mechanisms is conducted to promote the highest quality and most current practices available.

The overriding responsibility of the Office of Institutional Assessment is to support the university in its enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development of all students through a variety of assessment activities. The office also supports accreditation and strategic planning activities. 

Course Evaluations

Course evaluations are conducted each semester at all OCU locations. Students are encouraged to participate in this process as a method of placing accountability for educational services on the university. Currently, separate forms are administered to general education courses, content area courses and business courses due to differing expectations in the content of each.

Assessment Tools:

Results from these activities are located below:

Senior Capstone Testing in the Discipline

Each semester, OCU tests students in their fields using the ETS Major Field Tests. This information is then used as supporting data in making curricular changes.

Senior Capstone Testing of General Education

Each semester, OCU tests students on their mastery of general education areas such as the humanities, mathematics, and critical thinking using the ETS Proficiency Profile (formerly known as The MAPP). This information is then used as supporting data in making curricular changes.

Placement Testing

Placement assessments are used to “place” students into a course, course level, or academic program.