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Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment and Instutional Effectiveness

Oakland City University prides itself on conducting ongoing research and assessments to maintain the highest academic standards.

As stated in our mission, OCU is a Christian faith-based learning community dedicated to the enhancement of intellectual, spiritual, physical and social development for positive leadership. The institution realizes that excellence in learning can only be accomplished by robust assessment and research in all areas of institutional life. The information found by the Office of Institutional Assessment and Department of Institutional Research is for institutional, departmental, and program leaders, in addition to teaching faculty.

OCU understands that assessment is the process of gathering data from multiple sources, analyzing the gathered data, drawing conclusions from the analysis, and making recommendations based upon the conclusions that enhance the institution’s ability to fulfill its mission, purpose, and outcomes expectations. This process is done institutionally, departmentally, programmatically, and instructionally. Thus, every area of the institutional work is involved in structured assessment processes.