University Choir

The University Choir is considered a co-curricular activity in that it is both a one-credit hour course and a campus organization.  Although it may be taken for credit, any student on the main campus who loves to sing is encouraged to become a member of this non-audition group without registering for the course.

During the Fall Semester, the choir performs at Founders’ Day and presents two Christmas Concerts. During the Spring Semester, the choir presents a Spring Choral Concert and performs at the Oak Leaf Society Banquet. The choir also performs at both of the University’s Commencement ceremonies at the end of the school year.

Most semesters, smaller vocal ensembles are formed by selected University Choir members to perform vocal jazz and other small ensemble repertoire.  Members of these ensembles, as well as soloists for the full choir, are selected through an audition process.

Both the University Choir and the smaller vocal ensembles sing a varied repertoire of music from many different genres, style periods, and languages.  Accompaniment is provided by piano or jazz trio, and some selections are a cappella.