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Find answers to questions prospective students commonly ask about Oakland City University in Oakland City, Indiana. We also invite you to explore the website for more information.

Q: Where is Oakland City University?
A: The main center is located in Oakland City, Indiana. The town is in the central U.S., in southwestern Indiana, 30 miles northeast of Evansville. Visit our Maps & Directions Page.

Q: What is the university's church affiliation?
A: OCU is a Christian school, and the only university affiliated with the General Baptist denomination. OCU welcomes students of all faiths.  Find out more about OCU.

Q: What majors are offered?
A: OCU offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as degrees specific to our prision ministries.  For a full list of degrees visit our Undergraduate Catalog and Graduate Catalog.

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Q: What types of scholarships does OCU offer?
A: Scholarship types include the following:

  • Academic
  • Athletic
  • Music
  • Art
  • General Baptist
  • Ministerial Grant
  • Others

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Q: Where are OCU graduates today and what are they doing?
A: OCU graduates are serving in ministry and business roles all over the world.

  • Educators in private and public schools
  • Professors at colleges and universities
  • Church workers in various denominations
  • Federal government employees
  • CPAs, managers, and business entrepreneurs
  • Medical doctors
  • Missionaries

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Q: Can I combine scholarships from Oakland City University?
A: No. Students must choose only the highest scholarship amount offered. (For example, a student may not combine a half-tuition General Baptist grant and a half-tuition Academic Scholarship.) Each prospective student should work with an OCU admissions representative to find the best possible scholarship for him or her.

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Q: May a student live off campus?
A: If a student is over the age of 24 or lives at home with a parent or guardian, the student may commute. All other students must live on campus. About half of OCU students live on campus.

*Students receving scholarships must live on campus, regardless or age, unless he or she is married or lives with a parent or guardian.

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Q: What is there to do in Oakland City, Indiana?
A: Students enjoy a vibrant campus atmosphere, with a variety of activities:

  • OCU student clubs and organizations, such as Student Government Association, Student Christian Association, Business Professionals of America, Student Ambassadors, and others
  • OCU Student Government Association-sponsored activities, like free movie night, free Taco Bell night, formal tea, and the Miss OCU and Bachelor of the Year contest
  • OCU weekly chapel service; (attendance is not mandatory)
  • OCU intramurals, including basketball and flag football
  • Area restaurants
  • Local bowling lanes

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