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OCU Partnering with MUTC

March 19, 2012 at 11:09 AM

Oakland City University is partnering with the MUTC (Muscatatuck Urban Training Center) to bridge the community with a blended (civilian and military) education opportunity near North Vernon, Indiana. In further cooperation, MUTC personnel coordinated with AEL staff to host an Open House on March 5, 2012.

The area Twenty-First Century Scholars were invited, as well as the general community population and military spouses/dependents. Those attending were able to learn more about both the AEL learning opportunities and the operations of MUTC.  Remaining refreshments were donated to local Tornado shelter.

Photographed left to right: Nicole Sharp of AEL, Pat Sharp of AEL, 1LT Megan Frey of MUTC and OCU Alumni, Nicole Cardinal of Twenty-first Century Scholars and SPC Evan Profanick of MUTC

OCU AEL provided donated refreshments and information. Muscatatuck personnel provided an hour long bus tour to interested parties. Collaborative contributions toward bridging community division is a goal of the Command at MUTC linked with a real interest in collegiate education for the soldiers,  civilian employees and their neighbors.

Evening AEL classes begin next week at MUTC with military and civilian enrollment. Undergraduate and graduate applications are still being accepted. Interested parties should contact Pat Sharp, Academic Program Coordinator, , the Twenty-first Century Scholars office in North Vernon or Lt. Frey, Education Coordinator at MUTC.

Future events for community melding are being planned.  And, summer schedules are available upon request.

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