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OCU Looks Toward the Future and Possible New Performing Arts Center

May 13, 2011 at 8:48 AM

With the nation’s geographic center of population just five miles away, there can be no doubt: Oakland City, Indiana is the heartland of America.

For more than 150 years, Oakland City University has been firmlyplanted here—where values like service, diligence, hard work and faith still hold sway.

In many ways, the heartland holds the key to our country’s greatness. People in the country’s midsection live down-to-earth lives, revolving around home and family, farm and industry, school and community, far from the fickle tastes and ephemeral fashions of the coasts.

Right here in the center of America, there is a void. In these counties so prone to cooperation and community, among people with such a rich tradition in the arts, there is no suitable place for the people to gather. There is no large-scale venue to perform music, drama, and much more. There is no facility to host corporate meetings, lecture series and conferences.

The time has come to build the future of this region by constructing the new Performing Arts Center at Oakland City University.

The time has come to build the heartland.

Read the more about the case for a new Performing Arts Center.

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