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Dick Whiting Donates Artwork to OCU Gallery

October 23, 2012 at 10:22 AM

Dick Whiting, ’65 visited campus the first week of October to donate his collection of artwork related to the textile business he and his father operated for many years.

The Whitings manufactured bedding for Sears, JC Penney, and Montgomery Ward, along with many other independent labels. Twice each year they would travel to France and/or Germany to artists’ conventions to select original artwork that would be used in the next year’s bedding designs. There were as many as 50,000 textile merchants attending these conventions.

Mr. Whiting has retired now, but wanted to find a good home for nearly 600 pieces of art. He and his wife Judy (Bateman) Whiting ’63, met with Roger Willis, Gallery Director and Susan Sullivan, Alumni Director to view the art work. It was very interesting to see how the art designs were used in the making of bed linens. He also shared some of the advertising photos of the finished product. Mr. Whiting also shared designs that were made for Ivana Trump’s line of bedding.

Roger Willis is planning to display some of the artwork in an upcoming Dunn Gallery show. Many thanks to Dick Whiting for sharing this treasure trove of artwork with OCU.

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