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Deaconess Clinic Relocates to OCU Campus

August 10, 2010 at 2:18 PM

The ground has been broken on the corner of Williams and Fifth streets to begin construction of the newly located Deaconess Clinic.  Moving the facility from its current location on Highway 64 West to the Oakland City University (OCU) campus will make healthcare accessible for students, faculty, staff, and the community. 


For many college students, healthcare is the last thing on their minds, that is until they are in need of treatment and do not have a way to receive it.  Accessibility of care is a viable concern, especially for those students and community members without means of transportation.  The new Deaconess Clinic-Oakland City will be located within blocks of the center of campus.  “I’m so glad to see something that will be close to students, not everyone has a way to drive to go see their doctor,” shared Heather Hose, OCU alum. “My home town is Poplar Bluff (5 hours from school) and when I got sick and would need a doctor, I didn’t have one nearby.  It was very rough sometimes.”


Having insurance coverage is vital as college students are not immune to medical emergencies or illnesses that could greatly impact their finances and plans for the future. In most states, college students can be covered by their parent’s insurance plan until age 23. Those students not covered by a parent’s policy are encouraged to purchase their own health plan. 


Community leaders from Gibson and the surrounding counties, as well as OCU students, faculty and staff recently participated in a survey to assess the University’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  “One of the areas identified in the SWOT analysis was the need for availability of healthcare.  In response to that need, we have been working with Deaconess and are excited to have a partnership with them to make healthcare available here on campus,” said Vice President for Administration & Finance, Dr. Robert Yeager.


“We look forward to dedicating this new facility upon its completion in early spring of 2011,” said Yeager.  Deaconess Clinic – Oakland City consists of Drs. Steven Etherton, Terry Gehlhausen, Holly Heichelbech, and nurse practitioner Sharon Sexson-Lyle.

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