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Alumni Board Announces True Blue Mighty Oak Award Recipients

January 23, 2012 at 10:10 AM

As announced a few days ago, the Alumni Board has created and had approved the new "True Blue Mighty Oak" award.  Our first class of recipients will be honored between games on Saturday.  This award is to acknowledge those that love, honor, support and bring positive recognition to Oakland City University.  I'm sure you will agree with me that these recipients are definitely deserving.

Ron Malin '72

Ron wore many hats in his service to OCU.   He was Student Government Faculty Rep, Yearbook Advisor, Intramurals Director, Director of Student Support Services, Dorm Director among many other volunteer duties. His first and foremost concern was helping students.  If you looked up "Student Advocate" in the dictionary, Ron's picture would be by the word.
Ron's wife, Carolyn says it best:  "I have been contacted by so many students over the years since his death, telling me something that he did for them that changed their life.  Whether it was giving them a job so that he could pay them something, or listen to their problems, or encouraging them when they were down... whatever the need, he was there 24/7 for them.
I know he played tennis and was a good player but if I could talk to Ron and ask him what he would like to be remembered for... without a doubt it would be that he was a 'friend to the students'."  Sadly, Ron left us much too soon in 2000.

Randall "Skip" Spence '86

Skip was an active student, an involved employee and is a dedicated alum!
He is always one of OCU's greatest cheerleaders, positively promoting the university, the events and encouraging student prospects wherever he goes.  Skip is currently working in radio in northern Illinois.

Charlie Trafton '67

From Tim Chancellor's '81 letter of nomination:  "As Sports Editor and Columnist for the OC Collegian from 1977 to 1981, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the OCC sports scene and to witness firsthand many of Coach Trafton’s accomplishments.  The OCC Mighty Oaks under Coach Trafton were National Basketball Champions of the National Little College Athletic Association in 1981. Coach Trafton also led the Oaks to second place finishes in 1980 and 1982 and a third place finish in 1978 when the tournament was held in Nebraska. After suffering a heartbreaking loss in the opening game of the 1979 tournament, it was Coach Trafton’s vision to bring that tournament to Oakland City and basketball tradition-rich Indiana. His almost singlehanded presentation convinced the NLCAA board that the tournament should be hosted by OCC.

For those who were a part of the college community in the late Seventies and early Eighties, it is easy to remember the excitement that came with hosting the NLCAA National Basketball Tournament. It was a time when the faculty, staff, students and entire Gibson county community joined together with pride to support this event. We had never seen anything like it. It spawned a frenzied level of school spirit and fan support, most notably exemplified by the toga-wearing Trafton’s Troops. Coach Trafton was able to not only plan, organize and oversee almost every aspect of hosting the tournament, but also was able to prepare our team and coach each game. The results were three straight trips of the championship game. As for the tournament, it was a huge success and one of Oakland City’s biggest sports achievements."

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