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Softball Rules


  1. Oakland City University students, faculty, staff, and alumni may participate in the intramural softball program.  
    • Only one alumni allowed per team, unless that alumn is a current faculty or staff member of OCU.
  2. Each intramural softball team must be represented by a team captain. The captain is liable for his or her team’s etiquette, while participating in the designated activity. Any and all questions pertaining to a specified activity will be addressed directly to the Intramural Director via team captain.   
  3. Individuals wishing to participate in the intramural softball program must complete a personal injury release form and an individual information form prior to the desired activity.
  4. Throughout the duration of the intramural softball program, eligibility of an individual may be questioned.  If that individual in question is found ineligible for participation, adjustment of the game’s outcome will not occur.  However, if the transgressor is a participant in a single elimination event then the infringed body will advance accordingly.
  5. Those wishing to participate in the intramural softball program may only participate on one given team.  Infraction of this guideline will result in the teams immediate forfeiting of the contest in which the transgressor participated.  Also teams violating this guideline may be required to forfeit the rest of the current tournament. 
  6. Those individuals participating under an assumed name will be suspended from all softball play.   
  7. All team names must appear on the designated intramural activity form and approved by the intramural director.  All team names must be designated appropriate prior to participation.  Included on the form are spaces for team rosters, student’s identification number, and team captain’s signature. 
  8. Men and women are eligible to participate in all softball activities.  
  9. Students participating in the intramural softball program must have their Oakland City University identification cards with them at all times.  Random checks may occur.  First offenders will be issued a warning.  Repeat offenders will be immediately ejected from the contest.
  10. Clothing must meet Oakland City University’s requirements.  For further information see the following link:


  1. Teams wishing to participate in the intramural softball program must have at least ten eligible players on their roster.  The maximum number of players one team may have is twelve. 
  2. Teams wishing to participate in the intramural softball program must have at least 4 female players on their roster. 
  3. A team consists of 8-12 players; therefore eight players from each team must begin the contest for it to be an official match.  Teams not able to meet the eight player minimum will be issued a five minute grace period.  If by the end of the five minute grace period, the eight player minimum has not been met, than that team must forfeit the match.  If both teams are unable to meet the eight player minimum, both teams will receive a loss in their win-lose column. There will no exceptions to this rule.
  4. Teams fielding nine or more players at any given time must finish the contest with that same number of players.  If a player is dropped and cannot be replaced for any reason, then an out will be charged when the missing player is to have his or her at bat. 
  5. Games will not be played if there are fewer than eight players.
  6. Additional Hitter:  Each team may play a maximum of eleven players by enacting the additional hitter rule.  The additional hitter is an optional position that must be cataloged prior to the beginning of the contest.  All additional hitters must stay in the same batting slot that they began in for the entire duration of the contest.  All eleven players must bat but any ten players may field.  Defensive changes are acceptable but the order in which players bat must stay the same. 


  1. Individuals participating in the contest that sustain an injury, where bleeding occurs, must immediately exit the contest and take the proper precisions to prevent further bleeding. 
  2. Individuals that have blood stained articles of clothing must change that article of clothing before they are permitted to reenter the contest. 
  3. If the individual leaves a contest because of bleeding the Intramural director on site must approve the individual for play before they are permitted to reenter the contest.    


  1. A game of regulation length will consist of seven innings or fifty minutes of play. Once the fifty minute cutoff time has been reached, no new inning will begin.  In cases in which the time expires prior to the ending of an inning that inning will be played out.
  2. Extra innings will be enacted if by the end of seventh inning or the fifty minute time limit there is not one clear winner. 
    1. In the case of extra innings, the home team will stay as the home team and the visiting team will stay as the visiting team.  The game will continue, as played, until there is a winner at the bottom of an inning. 


  1.  All intramural activities are to commence on the date and time in which it was designated to occur.  Failure to do so will result in the individual’s or team’s forfeit of the match.  Each individual or team will be allowed a five minute grace period before having to forfeit their match. 
  2. If the opponent of the forfeiting body vacates the premises prior to the declaration of the forfeit, than they too will be assigned a forfeit.   
  3. School cancelations and weather delays will not result in the individual’s or team’s forfeiting of a match and will be made up at a later date. 
  4. If a team desires to reschedule a game due to acceptable reasons, rescheduling must be made with the opposing team. If the game cannot be rescheduled then that team is given a forfeit.


  1. All substations must be reported to both the umpire and scores table prior to entering the contest.
  2. Starters may reenter the contest only once after leaving the contest.  They must also bat in the same line-up spot as they started the game. 
  3. A substitute that is substituted may not reenter to the game. 


  1. Game play will begin with a coin toss, in order to establish what team will be home and what team will be away. 
  2. Individuals pitching must keep one foot on the pitcher’s plate until the ball is released.  As long as one foot remains on the pitcher’s plate the other foot is free to move about.
  3. Each team will be given the option of three warm up pitch, per inning. 
  4. All pitches must be thrown at a moderate rate of speed with an arc of at least six feet and no more than twelve feet.  Pitches that do not meet these requirements will be deemed an illegal pitch. 
  5. Strikes are legal pitches that move between the back shoulder and the front knee of the individual batting or that land on the strike mat.   
  6. Any pitch that strikes any portion of home plate will be automatically designated a ball.
  7. Batters that reach a count of four balls will be issued a walk.
  8. Batters that reach a count of three strikes will be issued an out. 
  9. If the batter’s third strike is a foul ball, then he/she will be allowed to have one more strike.  A strike or another foul ball past that point will result in the batter being out. 
  10. Bunting, chopping at the ball, stealing, or leading off the bag is not permitted. 
  11. Baserunners intentionally seeking contact with a player that clearly has the ball will be automatically called out.  That individual will also be ejected from the contest and all other baserunners must return to the last base touched prior to the contact. 
  12. The infield fly rule will be applied to intramural softball. 
  13. The batting team is responsible for recovering all balls hit or thrown out of play, this includes homerun balls and foul tipped balls. 
  14. If a team is ahead by twenty or more runs after three innings, fifteen after four innings, or ten after five inning that the game will be called.      
  15. Homeruns will be limited to three, male homeruns per game, any homerun after the initial two will be deemed an out. Female homeruns are unlimited. 
  16. Fair balls touched by a defensive player and goes over the fence will be declared a homerun.  This will not count toward the team maximum homerun limit. 


  1. There must be at least two females in both the outfield and/or infield at all times. 
  2. If less than the required amount of women are playing than an out will be issued each time in the batting order that batter is located. A male cannot replace that woman’s position in the field.


 Designated team captains will be an intermediary between his or her team and the intramural director. 

  1. Team captains are responsible for his or her team’s comprehension of tournament and season rules and regulations.  Intramural rules and regulations for the designated event will be given directly to the team’s captain upon the completion of both the personal injury release forms and the team registration form. 
  2. Team captains are to inform players that they are responsible for any and all injuries that may occur while participating in an intramural activity.  It is the team captain’s responsibility to have an emergency contact number ready for each and every player on his or her team when needed.
  3. It is the team captain’s obligation to inform his or her players of time changes, locations, and other material that is relevant to their participation. 
  4. Team captains are responsible for their team’s conduct before, during, and after a contest.  If there is an expulsion of a player, the team’s captain is to report to the intramural director’s office the following day to discuss what transpired. 

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