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Hotdog Eating Contest Rules


1.     Only Oakland City University students, faculty, and staff may participate in the intramural hotdog eating contest.  

2.     For those wishing to participate in the intramural hotdog eating contest, each individual must complete a personal injury release form and an individual information form prior to the desired activity.

3.     Men and women are eligible to participate. 

4.     Students participating in the intramural hotdog eating contest must have their Oakland City University identification cards with them at all times. 

5.     Clothing must meet Oakland City University’s requirements.  For further information see the following link: 


1.     Each hotdog eating contestant will be give a ten minute period in which to consume as many hotdogs as possible. 


1.     Each individual contestant will begin the contest with five hotdogs and buns.  More hotdogs will be brought to a contestant during the consumption of the last hotdog in a round of hotdogs.    

2.     Hotdog condiments will be provided for the contestants. 

3.     Each contestant will begin the contest with two glasses of water in which to dunk the hotdogs in or drink while consuming the hotdogs. 

4.     Individuals are allowed to alter the physical state of the hotdog in order to consume the hotdog in a more efficient manner; this would include separating, dunking, and mashing the hotdogs. 

5.     Individuals caught cheating will be immediately disqualified. 

6.     Contestants, who feel the need to discharge their previously consumed hotdogs, will be disqualified.

7.     Contestants must keep all consumed hotdogs down for a period of two minutes after the ten minute contest. 

8.     After the final minute has expired individuals still in the process of consuming a hotdog, must have all of it swallowed within a thirty second grace period for it to count toward their total.

9.     In the event of a tie, a four minute overtime/eat-off will be implemented. 

10.  Judges will determine the final count of hotdogs eaten, their decision is final!


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