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Coed Softball

Week 1

  • Gobstoppers beat the Staff infection on Tuesday.
  • Thursday Games were rained out.

Gobstoppers (1-0) 

Staff Infection (0-1)

#everlastinglobstoppers (0-0)

Week 2

  • Gobstoppers beat the #everlastinglobstoppers on Tuesday.
  • Gobstoppers beat the Staff Infection, then the Staff Infection beat the #everlastinglobstoppers on Thursday.

Gobstoppers (3-0)

Staff Infection (1-2)

#everlastinglobstoppers (0-2)

Week 3

  • The #everlastinglobstoppers fell to both the Staff Infection and the Gobstoppers on Tuesday.
  • The Gobstoppers brought home both wins against the #everlastinglobstoppers and Staff Infection, Thursday.

Gobstoppers (7-0)

Staff Infection (3-3)

#everlastinglobstoppers (0-7)

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