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Week 1

Oakland City's Finest beat The Staff Infection in game 1.

Game 2 proved victorious for the Submisfits as they beat Team Jordan.

Week 2

The Staff Infection landed a close one over 5 Guys, 1 Ball.

Staff Infection beat the Flower Fluff Girls.

Oakland City's Finest beat 5 Guys, 1 Ball.

Week 3

Oakland City's Finest fought hard in a close match against the Submisfits, pulling ahead to win.

The Mean Girls battled against the Staff Infection but the Staff pulled through with a win.

Current standings are:

1st Place:
Oakland City's Finest (3-0)

2nd Place:
Staff Infection (1-1)
Submisfits (1-1)

3rd Place:
Team Jordan (0-1)

4th Place:
5 Guys, 1 Ball (0-2)

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