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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

OCU monitors FA satisfactory academic progress at the end of each term. 
FA SAP is based on cumulative GPA, not on the most recent term.

Students who do not meet SAP will receive written notification at the end of the payment period.

This policy applies only to financial aid awards, and is separate from the academic policy regarding satisfactory progress.

The US Department of Education and the State of Indiana’s regulations governing student financial assistance require that Oakland City University develop standards to measure academic progress.  A student will not be eligible for financial assistance if he/she does not meet the academic requirements that have been established.

Oakland City University Satisfactory Academic Standards for Cumulative GPA:








School Specific

State of Indiana’s Satisfactory Academic Standards for Cumulative GPA:
For more information on Indiana’s SAP requirement visit







Other scholarships and grants (including merit and endowments) offered by Oakland City University have GPA requirements.  Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions concerning your specific University award.

In addition to GPA requirements, students must meet quantitative and maximum time frame requirements.

Quantitative: Students must complete and pass a minimum of 67% of the credit hours attempted at Oakland City University.

Max Time Frame:  Federal regulations require that a student complete a program of study within 150% of the time allotted for the program.  All credit hours attempted at OCU and all transfer hours to be used toward a degree at OCU that were received at a previous institution will be counted in the determination of hours attempted. 

Failure to meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (FA SAP) will result in a hold being placed on the student’s account in one of the following areas:

Financial Aid SAP Warning:
This hold is assigned to a student who has failed to meet FA SAP upon the first infraction.  Students will be eligible to receive FA during the warning term.  If SAP is not met in the following term, the student will be placed on FA Suspension or FA Probation based on the appeal process (see below for more information on the appeal process).   If the student successfully completes the warning period the hold will be removed and the student will retain financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid SAP Suspension:
If the student does not meet FA SAP at the end of the warning term the student will be placed on FA Suspension pending the appeal process (see below for more information on the appeal process).  If an appeal is not submitted by the deadline or the appeal is denied the suspension hold will remain on the student’s account.  The student will not be eligible to receive FA and will be required to pay his/her own expenses. 

Financial Aid SAP Probation:
A FA SAP Probation hold will only be placed on a student’s account that has successfully appealed the suspension and has completed and submitted the necessary Academic Improvement Plan (see below for more information on the Academic Improvement Plan).  Eligibility may be reinstated for the payment period for which the appeal was granted and for subsequent payment periods provided the student continues to meet the stipulations outlined in the academic plan.

Appeal Process:
An appeal must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the deadline listed on the appeal form.  The appeal must be completed by the student. The student must also complete an academic plan as part of the appeal process.  This plan will need to be completed with Career Services located on the main campus of Oakland City University.  The student will be required to meet the guidelines outlined in the academic plan or the probation status will be revoked.   The appeal will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee.  The student will receive written notification of the committee’s decision within two weeks of submitting the appeal for review.  All required documents must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office within 30 days of the suspension notice or the start of the term, whichever is earlier. 

If the student is failing to meet the State of Indiana’s standards for academic progress he/she must complete and submit the State’s appeal form.  The State will inform the student and Oakland City University if an appeal is granted.  For more information on the State of Indiana’s appeal process visit

Forms to be used in the appeal process:
State of Indiana Appeal
Federal and OCU Appeal Form
Academic Improvement Plan

If you have questions concerning the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements or the appeal process please contact the Financial Aid Office at 812.749.1224 or

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