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Faculty & Staff Resources

Emergency Resources

Emergency Procedures Handbook (284 KB | PDF)
Online Emergency Procedures Information
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Employee Information & Policies

ADA Acommodation Information
Code of Conduct (20KB | PDF)
Employee Protection Line Information
Employee Information Annual Notification - 2012
Handbook Section 407 - Computer Information Systems, E-mail, and Internet/Intranet


2014 Insurance Enrollment Form
2014 Insurance Open Enrollment Guide
2014 HSA Enrollemnt Packet
2014 Health Insurance Schedule of Benefits
Summary of Benefits & Coverage for Low Deductible Plan
Summary of Benefits & Coverage for High Deductible Plan
Glossary of Health Coverage & Medical Terms
Symetra Life Insurance Certificate of Coverage
Generic Prescription Reimbursement Information
Group Plan Life Insurance from Fort Dearborn Life Insurance $30,000+
Group Plan Life Insurance from Fort Dearborn Life Insurance $30,00 or Less


2015 W-4 Form (Federal Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate)
2015 WH-4 Form (State of Indiana Employee’s Withholding Exemption and County Status Certificate)
403B Enrollment Packet | Salary Reduction Agreement Form | Annuity Account Choices
Address/Name Change Form
Key Request
Incident Report Form
Leave Request Form
Faculty Vita Example
Syllabus Template (Word Document)


Counseling Resource Guide
Missing Student Policy and Procedure Guide ( 88KB | PDF)


Faculty Handbook (1.15MB | PDF)
Full & Part-Time Staff Handbook (1.12MB | PDF)
Correctional Facility Employee Handbook (696KB | PDF)
Student Handbook (204KB | PDF)
Dual Credit Student Handbook (196KB | PDF)

Tech Support Documentation

Reporting Attendance in CAMS (12KB | PDF)

Other Information

Website Index
Faculty and Staff Directory
Printable Campus Map (68.5 KB | PDF)

University Calendar

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available for full-time employees. Contact HR at 812-749-1408 for more information.

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