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Dr. Darrell Clinton

Dr. Darrell Clinton

I am a native of Niagara Falls, NY and attended the State University of New at Oswego where I majored in Chemistry with the initial intention on going to medical school. However, after I received my Bachelor of Science degree in 1991, I decided on pursuing a career in chemistry and attended Case Western Reserve University where I studied electrochemistry and the application of fuel cell catalysis. After completing my studies, I successfully defended my doctorial dissertation and received my Ph.D. in 1996. Upon finishing my doctorate, I continued my studies in electrochemistry and went to work as a Post-doctoral fellow at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) where I was granted a American Society of Engineering Education Fellow. My research at NRL involved to the use of chloroaluminum molten salts as corrosion inhibitors in military aircraft.

After two years as a post-doc fellow, I decided to go into teaching and was offered a teaching position at Salem International University in Salem, WV where I taught general chemistry, organic chemistry and general physics as support classes to their biology program. After three years, the university announced that they were going to close the biology program and so I went to Vincennes University in Vincennes, IN where I taught a variety of introductory and upper level chemistry courses. I taught at Vincennes University for 11 years before coming to Oakland City University this past fall (2011) where I teach all of the chemistry and physics classes for the biology program.

While working at the Naval Research Laboratory, I met my wife, Larissa, while on a vacation trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. We have a daughter, Kristina, who is currently attending Purdue University to study Russian and Psychology with future hopes of going into law or industry as a translator.

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