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2013 Graduate Information

February 18, 2013 at 2:11 PM

Caps and Gowns

All students who participate in the Commencement Program are required to purchase and wear academic caps and gowns.  Caps and Gowns are ordered through Herff Jones or the OCU Bookstore website.

The deadline for ordering them without expedited shipping and late fees is April 8, 2013.  Orders placed April 9-14, 2013 will also need to be place on the Herff Jones website and will have expedited shipping charges. After the deadlines of April 8 and April 14, caps and gowns will not be available through the Herff Jones website.  See the OCU Bookstore in the Student Life Center for availability.  An additional late charge of $20.00 and an additional expedited shipping charge will be added.

Graduation Fee

The graduation fee of $75.00 must be paid in the Business Office before you can receive your diploma.  This is a fee that is charged regardless of your attendance at the ceremony.  The fee covers the expenses of diplomas, diploma covers, honor cords, mailing expenses, programs, etc.

Honors Program (Oakland City Campus).

This program is scheduled to be held in the Johnson Center on April 24, 2013 at 11am.  Awards and recognition will be made in many areas of academic study and social life of the University.  All Oakland City Campus students and their family and friends are urged to be present!  Honors cords will be given at Friday Graduation Rehearsal (Main Campus students) or prior to the Graduation Ceremony on May 4.

President’s Graduate Cookout

The President’s Graduate Cookout will held in the Small Reception Hall in the Bower-Shurheinrich Student Center on April 23, 2013, from 5-7 pm.  More information will be sent out later or watch for more information on our website

Graduation Practice.

This is a REQUIRED rehearsal for the Commencement Exercise.  It will be held on Friday, May 3 , at 10:00 am sharp!    Oakland City graduates will meet in Johnson Center.   Graduates of the Dual Credit Program, Adult and Extended Learning, and MAT/EDD Graduate candidates are not required to attend practice.  (There is a map of the University enclosed)

University-Wide Alumni Banquet.

The Alumni Association annual banquet will be held in Bower-Suhrheinrich Student Center on Saturday, June 8, 2013.  You will receive more information from the Alumni Relations office or watch for more information on our website.

Commencement Program.

 Commencement will be held in Johnson Center at 10:00 am for Main Campus and Dual Credit students and 1:00 pm for AEL and graduate students, on Saturday, May 4.

Those who complete degrees on or before May 4, are REQUIRED to be present.  Those who graduated in December 2012 are also welcomed to attend.  Those who are August 2013 graduates (those who will finish their work at the end of May term or by August 16th) are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to attend.


Transcripts must be ordered from the Registrar’s Office. Students may go to the OCU website home page, click “forms” at the very bottom of the screen. Select Transcript Request form. Print out the form, complete the form and send it via mail or fax or scan.  No free transcripts are given.  No transcript can be sent without the student’s signature. No transcripts can be electronically sent.  Students requesting transcripts must have a clear account with the Business Office and all exit interviews with the Financial Aid Office completed before a transcript can be sent.

Chadon Photographers

Chadon Photographers from Bloomington, IN, is responsible for taking the pictures for graduation.  Chadon’s will take pictures of the speakers, honorees, and of each graduate as he/she

receives the diploma cover from the President.  Chadon’s will then contact each student after graduation with what they have to offer for the student to purchase.  Allow Chadon’s at least 2 weeks to make contact with you.  They are provided with your address and email address. is their website.


Graduation line-up

May 4, 2013




Clear Day Location                                                               Rainy Day Location

Chapman School of Religious Studies                       Johnson Center (Women’s dressing

Chapel                                                                         rm, South end, west side

Dr. Daniel Dunivan, Dean,

BA, BS, AA, Certificate


School of Arts and Sciences                                       Johnson Center (Men’s dressing

Kennedy Center  Third Floor                                     rm.  South end, east side)

Dr. Claudine Cutchin, Dean,



School of Education                                                   Johnson Center (Men’s dressing

Kennedy Center   Second Floor                                 rm.  North end, east side)

Dr. Mary Jo Beauchamp, Dean,



School of Business                                                      Johnson Center, Rm. 210 (upper

Kennedy Center    Lobby                                           level)

Dr. John Sutton, Dean,



Dual Credit                                                                 Johnson Center, Conf. Room

Chapel                                                                         Upper level

Dr. Carlotta Reynolds


Graduate Line-up



Clear Day Location                                                               Rainy Day Location


Chapman School of Religious Studies                       Johnson Center (Women’s dressing

Chapel                                                                         rm. North end, west side)

Dr. Daniel Dunivan, Dean,

 DMin., MDiv.


School of Education                                                   Johnson Center (women’s dressing

MAT                                                                           rm  South end, West Side

Kennedy Center    First Floor                                    

Dr. Don Royal- MAT

(assisted by Dr. Mary Jo Beauchamp)



Kennedy Center    First Floor Lobby                         Johnson Center (women’s dressing

Dr. Kathryn Webb, Director of Ed.D.                                    rm, South end, West side)



Adult and Extended Learning                                                Johnson Center (men’s dressing rm

Associate and Bachelor – Kennedy Center,               North End, East side)

Second Floor                                                                          

Masters  -  Kennedy Center    Third Floor

Dr. John Sutton, Dean


Special Notes:

1.  All incomplete grades, online courses and extension courses must be completed and on file in the Office of Academic Affairs by 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 2, 2013.  For August graduates, by 4:30 on Aug. 16, 2013.

2.  A grade point average of 2.0 is required in order to receive a degree from Oakland City University.  (Bachelor-Non-Teaching Degrees must have a 2.3 GPA in their major, Teaching Degrees require a 2.75 GPA in their major. The Master of Business Administration requires a 3.0 GPA; and Master of Art in Teaching degree and the Doctorate of Leadership is a 3.5 GPA)

3.  Those finishing in August should be registered for the May term and/or Summer session for the courses in which they are deficient.

4.  ALL OBLIGATIONS to the University (dorm fees, library delinquencies, tuition, the graduation fee, etc.)  must be completely satisfied before a diploma      can be awarded, an official transcript released, or teacher certification secured. The Business Office on the main campus is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.      EXIT INTERVIEWS must be completed with the Financial Aid Office also. 

5.  ALL DIPLOMAS WILL BE MAILED VIA CERTIFIED MAIL.  Please allow at least 6 weeks after graduation to receive.

December 2012 graduates:

1.  Be sure to wear your honor cord that you received with your diploma.

2.  After President Barber has handed your diploma cover to you, please return it in the specified box as you leave the gym.

Other Important Information:

  1. Ladies –
    1. wear dark colored slacks or dresses
    2. no tennis shoes, sandals or flip flops
      1. there is a lot of walking and standing so wear something comfortable
      2. the gym floor is covered with a tarp so be careful as you walk
    3. nothing is to be pinned to your gown such as corsages
    4. leave your purse with your family
  2. Men
    1. Wear dark colored slacks, no shorts
    2. Wear a white shirt and a dark colored tie
    3. No tennis shoes, sandals, or flip flops
  3. Nothing is to be to written on the top of your mortarboard.
  4. When you are walking into the gym, there will be someone to pace you.  Do not rush.  Maintain a good distance behind the person in front of you.  Enjoy the audience’ reaction to our graduates as they walk in and make their way to their chair.
  5. Men – remove your cap for prayers.  Watch the President.  Remove your cap when he does and place it back on your head when he does.
  6. Make sure your cap is flat on your head.  Undergraduates – your tassel will start on your right side and be moved to the left during the ceremony.  Graduate programs- tassel starts and remains on your left.
  7. During the ceremony, the Provost will ask the candidates to stand and he will present the graduates to the President and he will tell the undergraduates to move their tassels.  He will then invite the graduates to the stage.  The first row will remain standing and all other rows will be seated until it is time for your row to stand to move to the stage. When the row in front of you is down to 6 students standing, your row needs to stand and get into line. Once you have returned to your seat, be seated. 
  8. You will be moving across the stage from left to right (as you face the stage).  Family members who want to take pictures as you leave the stage will need to be to the right of the stage.
  9. Family members who can not go down the bleachers may enter the bottom corner door and enter directly onto the floor of the gym.  There will be chairs available on the floor.  Wheelchairs and folks with walkers need to enter the bottom corner door as well.
  10. Restrooms on the lower level are the locker rooms.  Upper level has restrooms on both sides of the gym.
  11. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the graduates will follow the platform members out the lower level door.  Please tell family members to meet you outside in the yard of the building.

Please tell families that the graduates will be exiting the building before they can use the lower level door.

  1. Programs will be placed on the chairs for the faculty and graduates.  You will not have anything to carry in with you. Do not bring food or drinks. Please ask family members to wait until after the ceremony to present any gifts/flowers to you.
  2. All grades are due into Academic Affairs by noon on May 3.  Determination of honors will be based on the student’s career GPA.  This will be determined prior to graduation day.  If you have a question about your career GPA or level of honors, please contact the Registrar the following week.  812-749-1237 or
  3. The Business Office will not be open to pay off accounts on Graduation Day.  All library fees and books returned before your diploma will be mailed out.  Allow 4-5 weeks to receive your diploma.  It will be mailed to the address on your graduation application via certified mail.
  4. When you are lined up, you will be lined up according to the program.  You will be given a card that will have your name, major, honors on it.  As you proceed to the stage, you will present the card to your Dean.  He/she will announce the information as you walk up the stairs to the stage.  You will be handed your empty diploma cover by the President.  He will shake your hand and have you face the photographer (Chadon’s Photography).  Do not be in a hurry.  This is YOUR day. 
  5. Please ask your family to not bring loud noise makers. 
  6. For those with children, there is not a nursery for your little ones.  There are baby changing stations in the ladies restrooms upstairs in the gym.

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