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2015 Honduras Mission Trip A Success

Jul 13, 2015 at 8:34 AM

by Jessika Reitz

There are always certain places where we feel the presence of God more than ever before. We long to be in those places because we long to be in the presence of God. Maybe we feel this way more because we are away from the distractions of the world or maybe we are being more intentional about our thoughts and actions. Whatever the case may be, these places seem to bring us closer to God. I think myself and those whom have ever been to Faith Home in Honduras would agree that they felt the Lord’s presence in a mighty way there. This place is quite spectacular to say the least.

The OCU Team that went down to Faith Home this year was a much smaller one than in years past. Composed of 3 males and 8 females, this group was ready to serve. They arrived on Friday, June 12th into the San Pedro Sula airport excited and nervous for the week God had prepared for them.

There was a church service that night at Faith Home. The OCU Team shared the song they learned in Spanish entitled, “Señor, Te Necesito” which is “Lord, I Need You” in English. Immediately following 6 of the children from Faith Home, Emily Engle, and myself all helped put on a skit called, “Cadenas Romper” which is “Break Every Chain” in English. This was extremely powerful! The skit was a great reminder that there really is power in the name of Jesus to break every single chain we have in our lives.

The following day the team started off with a rice and beans distribution in a town called El Banano. The people of the town seemed extremely thankful for the food. The two little bags of beans and rice are not much to us. What we would probably eat in one to two days, they would eat in weeks because they do not have enough money for more. They must eat less so they can eat each day. It was definitely a humbling experience for myself and the team.

Immediately after that, the team met up with OCU Alumni, AJ Ford, who is a missionary in Honduras. He showed us an orphanage he helps out at in San Pedro Sula. It is here that the special needs children who used to live in the government-ran orphanage called Nueva Esperanza (New Hope) were relocated after it was shut down by the government last year. Though these children have many medical issues, the joy they conveyed as we played with them and held them was beyond evident. I bet they will never forget times like these when someone took the time to just love on them.

Sunday morning the team led Sunday School in a squatters village to over 50 little children and their parents. We taught them about how amazing God is and how much He loves them. We sang worship songs, taught them John 3:16, read a children’s story, and had them color. At the end we handed out the extra rice and beans from the day before and some toys to all the children. That village was a very happy one that day!

The team put on a carnival later on for some of the Faith Home children. We played different carnival games with them, painted their faces and painted some of the girls’ nails. Then some of the kids decided to paint our faces and nails. Let’s just say we looked interesting after that…Once the carnival ended we served hot dogs and chips to all of the Faith Home kids in their new comedor.

Monday through Thursday the men helped with construction work around the Faith Home campus while the women taught subjects like math, music, recreation, English and crafts at the school each day. Being able to teach them was a great opportunity for each of us to show love and share knowledge to the children. They look up to us a lot, and whether we know it or not, we have a huge impact on their lives.

 Throughout the week we had another amazing church service at Faith Home, played soccer with some of the kids, and ate a very delicious Honduran meal one evening. Altogether it was an amazing week. We poured our love into the people we met and received even more love in return.

God’s presence was there; it was so strong. As we walked through El Banano and were handing out food to the people, God was there. He guided our every move. He knew who needed help, and He showed us. When we visited the orphanage in San Pedro Sula and played with the special needs children, He was there. He was in their smiles, in their laughs. The same goes for when we interacted with the Faith Home children. God was there. He spoke through our words and actions to them. Through the music we sang in Spanish and to the hugs we shared with the children, God was present. And to see the faith of some of those children at Faith Home, well God used them to grow us towards Him whether they knew it or not.

Maybe we were less distracted by the world and technology. Maybe we were more intentional about letting the Holy Spirit guide our every move. Whatever the reason, it is at Faith Home where many of us feel the presence of God more so than ever.

However, a challenge awaits us. God’s presence is everywhere. It is not just in Honduras. Yes Faith Home is an amazing place where God shows up in a mighty way, but our challenge now is to be more intentional about connecting with God wherever we may be. God is here; God is there; God is everywhere. May the Holy Spirit lead our lives towards Christ through each decision we make and action we take. Dios les bendiga!

University Archway to be Renovated

Jun 25, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Oakland City University's Archway, located on Franklin Street, next to the Provance Memorial Chapel, will be receiving a facelift this summer, with crews beginning work by the end of June.  Work on the University Archway will include renovating the structure, while saving all of the old brick, which will be used in the reconstruction.  The new Archway will feature an interior light sign reading "Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve."

The University Archway was originally gifted by the Oakland City College Class of 1922, with the College motto “Go Forth to Serve” appearing on the inside of the Archway.  Early in its history, “Oakland City College" appeared on the street side of the sign, but following a suggestion in 1985 by Dr. William C. Dearing ’26, a new line was added to the east side of the University Archway.  It now reads: “Oakland City University, Enter to Learn.”

Renovations to the University Archway are expected to be completed this fall.

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