Crime Scene House

Criminal Justice Ball Venture Fund Grant

OCU Receives $17,000 to create a Crime Scene House for the Criminal Justice Department

The Ball Venture Fund Competition, sponsored by the Ball Brothers Foundation of Muncie (IN), is in its 19th year of providing the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) member institutions with seed funding for innovative start-up projects.  This year, ICI received 30 submissions from 20 member institutions and selected four projects for funding. 

Oakland City University and Mr. Paul Bowdre, Lecturer in Criminal Justice, applied for a grant assisting the Criminal Justice program in creating a “Crime Scene House: The Application of an Active Learning Environment in Criminal Justice.”  Through Mr. Bowdre’s extraordinary efforts, a $17,000 grant has been awarded.  These funds will be used to establish a mock crime scene facility.  Students and law enforcement officers will be able to hone their forensic investigative techniques as they delve into finding and recording evidence from the latest crime.

Additionally, the facility will be used by high school and middle school youth participating in the University’s Career and Directions program and its new Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) summer camp program.  This award is Oakland City University’s first Ball Venture Fund grant. 

For more information regarding the Criminal Justice program, prospective students and families should call the Office of Admissions at 812-749-1222.